David Beckham appearance in China causes stampede [Video]

At least seven people were injured in China on Thursday after soccer fans stormed through a gate and a line formed by police and security guards to catch a glimpse of international soccer star David Beckham.

Nearly 1,000 fans gathered at the Shanghai Tongji University stadium to see Beckham make an appearance with the school’s soccer team in an event that ended up being canceled because of the stampede, the state-run news site Xinmin Net said.


Among the injured were three police officers, two university security guards and two students, police said. Footage shows people being pushed to the ground and a woman being carried away with her face covered in blood.

“Too crazy,” Tongji soccer player Chu Dan said. “We didn’t expect so many people showing up here — too many fans of Beckham.”

Beckham gave his best wishes to those injured and expressed regret for canceling the event -- “It was impossible to get through the massive crowds” -- in a post on his microblog on the Chinese-language site Sina Weibo.

The former Galaxy star is in China on a seven-day promotional tour as an image ambassador for the Chinese Super League.


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The Associated Press contributed to this report.