Former Steelers coach Bill Cowher is fine after car accident

Former Pittsburgh Steelers coach Bill Cowher is said to have been involved in a traffic accident over the weekend.
(Tom Uhlman / Associated Press)

Bill Cowher was involved in a traffic accident Sunday that involved two cars and sent some construction debris falling to the ground, according to multiple media reports.

No one was hurt during the incident on Manhattan’s East Side, although the car hit by the former Pittsburgh Steelers coach and current CBS football analyst was seriously messed up.

“With how banged up that car is, it’s amazing no one was really hurt,” witness Jim Conner told the New York Post.


Cowher is said to have been heading north on Park Avenue at 1:12 p.m. when his Mercedes hit a Ford Fusion turning left on East 92nd street. The Fusion then ran into some construction scaffolding.

Both Cowher and the woman driving the other car claim to have had the green light. Cowher was known for his temper during his 15 years on the sidelines, but he must have mellowed since retiring from the NFL following the 2006 season -- he appears upbeat in a Post photo from the accident site.

Which is a good thing for the other driver. Seriously, does she really want to mess with The Chin? Can you imagine the spittle shower that poor woman would have received back in the day?

No arrests or summons were made by police, according to the Post.


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