‘Ice Cream Guy’ steals the show during Pacers vs. Magic broadcast

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What’s more boring than watching one of the better teams in the NBA blowing out one of the worst? Having to cover it on TV.

That’s just the situation the viewers and analysts on NBA-TV were in Tuesday night as the Indiana Pacers held a 42-29 halftime lead over the Orlando Magic.

But just when the situation seemed about as bleak as it could get, a new hero emerged to save the day: Ice Cream Guy!


So-called highlights from the first half of the game were broken up with clips of a bearded male fan, likely in his 20s, trying to enjoy a giant mint chocolate chip ice cream cone while watching the game. And while never once taking his eyes off the so-called action on the floor, the gentleman twice manages to thwart his girlfriend’s attempts to have a bite, much to her exasperation.

Their expressions are priceless -- his never changes and hers are completely over the top. He never even looks in her direction when he finally gives in.

Ice Cream Guy was an instant hit the first time he appeared. Viewers started responding through social media, prompting analysts Chris Webber and Isiah Thomas to present a detailed replay of the incident, complete with a telestrator.

Sorry to say, that’s about as exciting as it got during the broadcast, as the Pacers rolled to a 95-73 victory. But the legend of Ice Cream Guy will live on.


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