Kyle Kuzma tells LeBron James he doesn’t endorse trainer’s critical comments

Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma and LeBron James
Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma, left, and LeBron James chat before a Las Vegas Summer League game in July.
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Kyle Kuzma approached LeBron James during practice on Friday to explain some recent social media happenings.

Kuzma’s trainer, Clint Parks, had posted comments on Instagram that were critical of James. Some people on social media assumed Kuzma endorsed those comments.

“I just told him that I can’t control what another man says,” Kuzma said. “Obviously I don’t feel that way, everybody knows that me and LeBron have a great relationship, and left it at that.”

James was asked about the situation before Saturday’s shoot-around ahead of the Lakers’ game against the Portland Trail Blazers.

“I really don’t care for someone’s trainer or whatever the case may be,” James said. “Everyone can have their own opinion. And any time someone wants to get some notoriety they can throw my name in and people are going to pick it up. That’s why you’re asking me about it because my name was in it.

“I’ve never met the guy, I don’t know the guy, I could care less about the guy. Whatever the case may be. I wish him the best.”


Parks, who has also trained Kawhi Leonard, compared James to the Clippers star.

“Watching Kawhi highlights from yesterday,” he wrote in an Instagram story post after the Lakers’ loss to the Clippers on Christmas. “NOBODY wants to speak on how sharp his skill set is compared to Lebrons. It’s clear who’s really in the LAB and who isn’t. Let me hear the excuses I’m on vacation I got nothing but time.”

Parks also posted a photo of James and Leonard standing side by side.

“Turn the film on somebody was dodging SMOKE yesterday and it wasn’t Kawhi,” he wrote on the photo.

LeBron James is dealing with a groin contusion that could sideline him Saturday when the Lakers play the Portland Trail Blazers.

Dec. 27, 2019

A day later, Kuzma posted a since-deleted tweet that said “Call a spade a spade.” Some on social media assumed that was in reference to Parks’ comments.

“No correlation,” Kuzma said. “I didn’t even see what he said at first. Obviously you guys see, I tweet things all the time. So definitely not about that.”

He added, agitated: “Why would I even do that? Makes no sense.”

When asked what the tweet referenced, Kuzma said it was related to a personal matter he didn’t want to discuss.

Kuzma was the only recent draft pick of the Lakers to not be included in last June’s trade to acquire Anthony Davis. Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart and Moe Wagner, all first-round picks, were included in the deal.

Kuzma has dealt with two ankle injuries that caused him to miss nine games this season but was the Lakers’ leading scorer against the Clippers on Wednesday while James scored 23 points with nine rebounds and 10 assists.


“No,” Kuzma said, curtly, when asked if this distraction frustrates him in the wake of his strong play recently. “It’s not frustrating because I really don’t care. It doesn’t involve me. People, media are trying to make me look bad or put me out there. It doesn’t involve me so it doesn’t matter.”

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Dec. 9, 2019