MLB: Commissioner Rob Manfred likes pace of play


Commissioner Rob Manfred is encouraged by the pace-of-play changes in MLB games.

Speaking in Toronto on Tuesday, Manfred said the new rules have sped up games without any disruption. Mound visits without pitching changes averaged 3.79 per game through Sunday, down from 7.41 last season.

“Whenever you change a rule in baseball, people predict all sorts of dire outcomes, and we have avoided even the smallest of incidents related either to the mound visit rule or the shorter inning breaks,” Manfred said.



San Diego first baseman Eric Hosmer was put on the family medical leave list. ... Chicago White Sox outfielder Avisail Garcia was put on the disabled list because of a strained hamstring. ... Rain forced the postponement of the Tampa Bay-Baltimore game, which will be made up May 12 as part of a doubleheader, and the Detroit-Pittsburgh game, which will be made up Wednesday as part of a doubleheader. There have been 28 games postponed this season.