Warriors to sell passes that let fans into arena, without a view of the game

The Golden State Warriors are offering fans a unique experience for home games during the team’s final season at Oracle Arena.

That experience, however, does not involve watching the Warriors play live and in-person on the court.

In an email sent to fans Monday, the Warriors introduced their “In The Building Pass,” according to ESPN. For $100 a month, this new pass will allow a fan entry into the Oracle for every home game.

Once inside the arena … well, those fans are pretty much on their own. They don’t get a seat nor access to the seating bowl, and no view of the court. Instead, they will have to watch the game from a sports bar or restaurant from inside the facility.


Of course, that’s something they also could do outside the facility without the monthly fee.

But the Warriors have 44,000 people on their season-ticket waiting list, according to ESPN. And with the clock ticking until the Warriors move from Oakland’s Oracle to San Francisco’s Chase Center next offseason, some fans probably will be willing to part with a hundred bucks a month to enjoy some home-game atmosphere while they have the chance.

A team representative told ESPN that 200 passes will be offered for sale each month during the regular season only. Pass-holders will be eligible for team giveaways if they are among the first 10,000 people in the arena.

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