Column: Duly noted: Thoughts on the Rams and everything else

Rams fans

Rams fans cheer as team representatives hold a news conference at the Forum in Inglewood last Friday.

(Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times)

• The most frightening words in the English language: seat licenses.

• Best place to donate blood: a hockey game.

• Rams’ next coach: Pete Carroll, who is signed in Seattle only through 2016.

• The more tats he gets, the better J.J. Redick shoots.


• No matter how elaborate these new NFL stadiums, horse tracks will always be the nation’s premier sports palaces.

• Most whimsical moment at Staples Center? When the Clippers drop free T-shirts from the rafters, and they float down on tiny parachutes.

• “I’m not going to buy my kids an encyclopedia. Let them walk to school like I did.” (Yogi Berra)

• Kings TV analyst Jim Fox is right: The NHL All-Star game should be held outdoors.


• Length of the first Super Bowl pregame show: 30 minutes. Length of the Super Bowl 50 pregame on Feb. 7: Seven hours.

• My honeymoon didn’t last seven hours. And, yes, there was a long halftime.

• Reader Phil Young recalls the great Rams nicknames: Crazy Legs, Night Train, Big Daddy, Catawba Claw, Hacksaw. Do you remember the real names? (See below.)

• Ronda Rousey’s recent loss destroyed Las Vegas sports books, some at triple the rate of when Manny Pacquiao beat Oscar De La Hoya in 2008.

• Vince Lombardi was 57 when he died of colon cancer.

• Kudos to Cal Lutheran President Chris Kimball for stepping back into the classroom to teach a “history of baseball” course. More college presidents should teach.

• Forget Carrie Underwood. Los Angeles resident Al Michaels says he’s all set to sing the Rams’ fight song on “Sunday Night Football” next year. “The Rams are in there fighting, fighting all the way....”

• Among the reader responses to my call to ban the Raiders from Los Angeles: “Don’t %*&^*$% make us fans feel inferior. You’re the %@&$&(*% problem, and the people who instigate at OAK games.”


• Other responses were not nearly so erudite.

• Sandwich suggestion for the Rams, as a nod to their past: Ground Chuck.

• Reader Bill Leuenhagen remembers long-ago Rams promotions where each adult could bring up to four kids in for free.

• I’m sure that will happen.

• You will see about as many kids at Rams games as you do at Lakers games. The youngest people will probably be the cheerleaders.

• Who was the first Asian American to start at quarterback in the NFL? Hint: He was a Ram.

• The NFL’s overtime rules are the worst in sports. Just ask any Green Bay Packers fan.

• If a soccer game ends 0-0, fans should get a refund.


• Jessica Mendoza is a terrific add to the “Sunday Night Baseball” roster. The former L.A. Times high school player of the year and Stanford softball star says she learned baseball from her father, Gil, a longtime coach at Moorpark College.

• The L.A. Marathon’s move to Feb. 14 shows a lot of heart. The Olympic trials will be the day before.

• Notre Dame fan Mark Trueblood made the most of his vanity plate: The word “Domer,” against a Yosemite plate showing Half Dome.

• Darryl Sutter is L.A.'s most inventive coach.

• Roman Gabriel, the son of a Filipino immigrant, was the NFL’s first Asian American quarterback. He was also the last head football coach at Cal Poly Pomona before it gave up the sport in 1982.

• Seriously, take that giant glass ash tray off the new football stadium. A domed stadium of any kind makes no sense in Southern California — or anywhere else, for that matter.

• Where do the years go? Birthday wishes to Jack Nicklaus (76), Dwyane Wade (34) and sports movie MVP Kevin Costner (61).

• Remember when no one wanted to pitch in Wrigley Field?

• Three is a magic number in sports: In bowling, three straight strikes is a turkey, and in hockey, three goals is a hat trick; in baseball, if you bat .300, or have an earned-run average under 3.00, you’re a star; in the NBA, if you can pour in threes, you’re living very large. It was also the uniform number of probably the most famous athlete ever: Babe Ruth.

• You think CP3 knows all this?

• Postgame show for Super Bowl I: “Lassie.” Postgame show for Super Bowl 50: “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert,” which will start about midnight.

• In bashing the Rams’ move, the Chicago Tribune’s Steve Rosenbloom says: “L.A. is not a sports town.”

• Whaaaaaaaaaat? It is the nation’s No. 1 sports town. It also offers surfing, skiing, hiking and some of the best low-speed police pursuits you ever saw.

• Nickname answers: Elroy “Crazy Legs” Hirsch, Dick “Night Train” Lane, Gene “Big Daddy” Lipscomb, Bucky “Catawba Claw” Pope, Jack “Hacksaw” Reynolds.

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