Packers receiver Trevor Davis won’t be charged for allegedly joking about having explosives at LAX


Maybe now Green Bay Packers receiver Trevor Davis finally can laugh about his arrest over for an alleged joke at LAX earlier this month.

After Davis met with the Los Angeles city attorney during an informal hearing, office spokesman Frank Mateljan said that no charges were filed against the player for joking that he was traveling with explosives.

Mateljan also said he expects no more action in the case, even though the office has up to a year to file charges.


While checking in for a Hawaiian Airlines flight on April 8, Davis was asked by an airline employee if he had any explosives in his bag. He allegedly answered, “Yes,” then asked a woman he was traveling with, “Did you pack the explosives?”

Mateljan said the city attorney’s office advised Davis on better ways to handle such situations in the future.

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