Dodgers in London? We have a Dee Gordon T-shirt sighting

Dee Gordon singles during a Dodgers-Angels game.
(Patrick T. Fallon / Los Angeles Times)

LONDON -- So a guy from South Africa walks into the Aquatics Centre wearing a Dee Gordon T-shirt. Have the Dodgers’ new owners already recovered the team’s global luster?

Well, no. The guy wearing the shirt was Nick Gordon, a sports reporter for the Citizen. He had traveled to Los Angeles last month to cover a championship fight, with Jeffrey Mathebula of South Africa as one of the combatants.

Nick Gordon said he did not go to a Dodgers game while he was in town. He is not a baseball fan. Rather, he saw the T-shirt in the mall and bought it since his last name was on the back.


Gordon said he flew 32 hours to get to Los Angeles, from Johannesburg via Dubai. And how did his countryman do in the fight?

“He lost,” Gordon said. “He ended up fighting with a broken jaw.”

Here is Gordon’s account of the fight.


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