Podcast: Yasiel Puig’s return to L.A.; Tiger Woods’ comeback at Masters

Cincinnati Reds right fielder Yasiel Puig talks about returning to Dodger Stadium and his time with the organization.

This week marked the return of Yasiel Puig in Los Angeles and Tiger Woods’ return to greatness.

Los Angeles Times sports writers Andy McCullough and Sam Farmer join host Beto Duran to discuss Puig’s first game back at Dodger Stadium on Monday and Woods’ emotional victory at the Masters on Sunday.

McCullough discusses how he approached his story looking at Puig’s complicated Dodgers legacy. He also talks about Puig’s first game in L.A. since being traded to the Cincinnati Reds, an eventful day that included Puig showing up late to the stadium before hitting a two-run home run off Clayton Kershaw.

Farmer recaps the exciting week from Augusta National Golf Course that culminated in Woods’ first major championship victory in more than a decade.


The veteran reporter reveals the intricate oddities that make the Masters unique and discusses some of the amazing stories he uncovered while there. Chairs, media technology, restrictions and legendary caddies added to the tale of Tiger clawing back into the forefront of the golf world.

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