Watch amazing 7-10 split with thrown baseballs [Video]

The video of an Australian second baseman tossing baseballs down a bowling alley lane and picking up a spare on a 7-10 split is not only amazing, but it will also bring out disbelievers who say the throw is impossible.

Since it was No. 1 Play of the Day on ESPN “SportsCenter” Friday night, the video of Scott Wearne knocking down eight pins with his first pitch and then, firing two balls at once, toppling the 7 and 10 pins should be going viral.

“SportsCenter” anchors Neil Everett and Stan Verrett were naturally skeptical, particularly Verrett.

After watching the video, one would have to question why Wearne, if he possesses such accuracy, is a second baseman and not a pitcher.


Or is it like the viral “Dude Perfect” videos, which seem genuine although it’s obvious the trick shots might have been executed after hours of practice?

Wearne has played three seasons with the Melbourne Aces in the Australian Baseball League, which has a 46-game season that begins in late October and runs through January. Wearne played in 36 games last season and was optioned to the minors.


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