Manny Pacquiao vs. Chris Algieri: round-by-round recap

Manny Pacquiao vs. Chris Algieri: round-by-round recap
Manny Pacquiao sends Chris Algieri reeling with an overhand right during their bout Saturday night in Macao. (Chris Hyde / Getty Images)

Manny Pacquaio's best was on display Sunday morning in Macao (Saturday night in L..A.) when he scored a dominant and unanimous win over formerly undefeated challenger Chris Algieri in a WBO welterweight championship fight.

Pacquiao was given a 119-103 victory on two judges scorecards and 120-102 win on the other card. Pacquiao had six knockdowns and forced one standing eight count for the win. Algieri was outclassed from the start by the eight-time champion.


Pacquiao improved his record to 57-5-2. Algieri is now 20-1.

"Tonight I did my best," Pacquiao said. "I'm satisfied with my performance. I did my best and that was  enough."

It's unclear if this will lead to a dream fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr., but it shows that Pacquiao still has some fight left in him.

Here's a round-by-round look at the fight (scoring is unofficial):

Round 1: Even before the opening bell the crowd was chanting "Manny, Manny," and the eight-time champion was mildly the aggressor, controlling the center of the ring. An early hook caught Algieri's attention and then the champion scored some punches against the ropes. It wasn't dominant but it was clear that Pacquiao wanted to make an impression. It wasn't close. Pacquiao wins the round, 10-9.

Round 2: Pacquiao started the second round trying to drive Algieri against the ropes. Algieri's left eye appeared to be swollen. The challenger caught a bad break when he slipped in the corner after a left from Pacquiao, which the referee scored a knockdown. Algieri wasn't hurt but it did cost him a point. Algieri hasn't shown much through two rounds. Pacquaio wins the round, 10-8. Pacquaio leads the fight, 20-17.

Round 3: Pacquiao is still controlling the fight with Algieri showing little offense. The experience of the eight-division champion seems to be in evidence. Pacquiao connected on a left jab but there was little damage. Algieri seems to be more intent on defense and continues to show little offense. Algieri isn't out of it but he needs to show some life. Pacquiao wins the round, 10-9. Pacquiao leads the fight, 30-26.

Round 4: Pacquiao starts to connect in close with some uppercuts and then he starts to connect with body shots. Both fighters still have plenty of energy but it's clear that Pacquaio is controlling the fight. A hard left stings Algieri but he comes back with a left of his own. But still, the control belongs to the champion. Pacquiao wins the round, 10-9. Pacquaio leads the fight, 40-35.

Round 5: Algieri starts to pick up his game with some jabs, including one to the body. But Pacquaio remains the aggressor. Still, this has been the challenger's best round and some late shots -- including a straight right to the face -- gave him the round. But, Algieri has a long way to go to get back into this fight. Algieri wins the round, 10-9. Pacquiao leads the fight, 49-45.

Round 6: Pacquiao picked up the pace in the sixth round and a hard left sends Algieri to the canvas halfway through the round. Pacquiao then sent him to the canvas again about 30 seconds later with a jab that didn't really stun Algieri as much as push him down. It seems like it might be a matter of time but the challenger is showing some resilience. Pacquaio wins the round, 10-7. Pacquaio leads the fight, 59-52.

Round 7: This round lacked the intensity of the previous round. Pacquaio seems unafraid to go after Algieri because of the lack of the challenger's knockout punch. Probably the most lackluster round of the fight, but that's OK with Pacquaio, who has built an insurmountable advantage. Pacquaio wins the round, 10-9. Pacquiao leads the fight, 69-61.

Round 8: Pacquiao continues to control the center of the ring, eventually connecting with a hard right. Algieri, who has been warned about hitting on the beltline, was hit in the same spot and he looked to the referee for some relief but got none. Still, the round lacked any firepower and it seems as if both fighters are content to let the final 12 minutes to go by without incident, which is good for Pacquaio. Pacquiao wins the round, 10-9. Pacquiao leads the fight, 79-70.

Round 9: Pacquiao hits Algieri with a hard left that sends him to the canvas. It was the best punch of the night. A few seconds later referee Gino Rodriguez gives Algieri a standing eight for the sixth knockdown of the fight. Rodriguez appeared very close to stopping the fight. This one is all but over. Pacquaio wins the round, 10-7. Pacquiao leads the fight, 89-77.

Round 10: The round started quietly but Pacquiao soon starts to attack Algieri, looking for his first knockout win since 2009. Algieri would be wise to not get off his stool between rounds. It's not quite a beat-down but there will be no question if it goes to the judges. With 20 seconds to go, Algieri goes down for the sixth time (seventh if you include the standing eight count). This one is going to have a final score like one of those lopsided Thursday night NFL games. Pacquiao wins the round, 10-8. Pacquiao leads the fight, 99-85.


Round 11: Things quiet down at the start of the round, because, why not? This one is over. Pacquiao remains the dominant fighter but the ability to keep someone on the canvas for seconds still seems elusive. Pacquaio tags Algieri with a right that should have sent him down but didn't. Three more minutes and Algieri gets some much needed peace. Pacquiao wins the round, 10-9. Pacquiao leads the fight, 109-94.

Round 12: This round is only about Algieri's ability to finish the fight. The challenger showed a couple of flashes but it was all for show. If the fight were more competitive you might give Algieri a chance to win the round but this wasn't his night and the only question that remains is if Pacquiao will be awarded every round or just 11 of the 12. Pacquiao wins the round, 10-9. Unofficially, Pacquiao wins the fight, 119-103.