Michael Jordan can't get rid of his quaint cottage

Ever have something you want to get rid of, but no one will take it off your hands? Perhaps a boat you regret buying, or a clunker of a car? If so, Michael Jordan feels your pain.


Jordan has been trying to sell his house, you know, the little bungalow he has outside Chicago with his jersey number, 23, on the front gates. It would make a lovely first house for that couple just starting out, with cute amenities such as:

A card and cigar room with a custom-built walk-in humidor.

A "gentleman's retreat room" that has doors from the original Playboy Mansion.

A regulation-size, NBA-quality basketball court with adjacent locker rooms.

A wine cellar that holds more than 500 bottles, plus a wine tasting room.

A putting green and tennis court.

And for the little woman, it has a fully equipped in-house beauty salon.

Unfortunately, no one wants to take this fixer-upper off of Jordan's hands. He put it on the market in February 2012 for $29 million, but there were no takers. Earlier this year, he lowered the price to $21 million. No one wanted it. So he decided to let an auction house put it on the market.

Monday, it went up for auction with a minimum bid of $13 million required. No one placed a bid.

Jordan lived in the house for almost 20 years. He bought the land in 1991.

"I have so many amazing, happy memories of my life in the house. It's where my kids grew up," Jordan told the Associated Press. "It's where I lived during my championship years. But my kids are grown now and I don't need a large house anymore."

See, even legends have to downsize when their kids move away. Is Buckingham Palace available?