Gloria Allred: NFL player accused of rape played the next day

Attorney Gloria Allred has sent a letter to the NFL seeking clarification on whether officials knew that a player accused of rape had been allowed to play for his team.
(David Goldman / Associated Press)

An NFL player accused of raping a woman last Saturday and subsequently interviewed by police played for his team the following day, attorney Gloria Allred said Friday in a letter to the league.

In a written statement, Allred said her office delivered a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell advising them that she represents a young woman who filed a police report Sept. 20 alleging that an NFL player raped her that morning.

Allred did not identify the accused player or his team.

Allred said her office informed the commissioner that police were contacted that morning, and that the alleged perpetrator was contacted by the police, who asked him to come to the station to be interviewed.


“The accused did respond to law enforcement’s request and went to the police station, accompanied by a representative of his NFL team,” Allred said. “Thereafter, the accused was then allowed by his team to play the following day.”

Allred has asked the league whether the alleged rape was reported to them, and if the NFL approved of the player participating in the game despite the allegations. Allred also asked Goodell to “clarify the NFL’s policy regarding allowing a player to play while serious allegations of criminal wrongdoing are pending with law enforcement.”

Said NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy: “We have no information on this alleged incident other than [Allred’s] letter.”