Green Bay Packers nearly blocked San Francisco 49ers’ winning kick

San Francisco kicker Phil Dawson kicks the winning field goal through the arms of Green Bay Packers cornerback Davon House during the 49ers' 23-20 NFC wild-card playoff win Sunday.
(Rick Wood / Associated Press)
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While the weather didn’t live up to “Ice Bowl II” expectations, Sunday’s NFC wild-card contest between the San Francisco 49ers and Green Bay Packers certainly didn’t disappoint.

If you’re a 49ers fan, that is.

San Francisco held on for a 23-20 win after Phil Dawson kicked a 33-yard field goal as time expired. Yet, the Packers were mere inches away from at least forcing overtime in the contest.

Green Bay cornerback Davon House nearly blocked the kick when he broke free around the left side and dove in front of Dawson. Despite House’s effort, the ball went between his outstretched arms to end the Packers’ season.


If House had made his dive a split-second earlier or simply had his arms positioned differently, who knows how the game might have ended for the Packers.

However, there was a reason why House got so close to blocking the kick. Replays showed House actually jumped offsides in his attempt to save the Packers’ season.

As for the 49ers, don’t buy all this talk that they’re a warm-weather team capable of winning on tundra.

Anyone who has sat in Candlestick Park in December knows the 49ers are a cold-weather team.

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