Phil Simms ponders not using the word ‘Redskins’ for NFL broadcasts

Phil Simms doesn’t want to take sides in the battle over the Washington Redskins’ team name.

But, the NFL broadcaster says, he’s also sensitive to complaints over the moniker that has come under increasing criticism this off-season for being offensive to Native Americans.

So when Simms does the color commentary at the Sept. 25 Redskins-New York Giants game for CBS on “Thursday Night Football,” he might not mention the controversial name at all.

“My very first thought is it will be ‘Washington’ the whole game,” Simms said.

That might be easier said than done for a guy who has been saying ‘Redskins’ as a broadcaster for two decades and before that played the team twice a season for 14 years as quarterback for the New York Giants.


Jim Nantz, Simms’ broadcast partner, said it’s not his job to “take a stance” on the situation.

Simms isn’t really taking a stance either. But if he chooses not to say the word so many people don’t want to be used, isn’t that at least a small victory for its opponents?

By the way, it’s interesting that this news comes out on the same day as the Redskins play a preseason game against the Cleveland Browns on “Monday Night Football.” Does this suddenly put ESPN broadcasters Mike Tirico and Jon Gruden on the spot?

Or were they even going to mention the Redskins anyway since Johnny Manziel is going to be on the other sideline?

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