Poll: Do you think the Cowboys’ DeMarco Murray should be fined?

The NFL has fined Dallas Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray $21,000 for leveling Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Damion Square. The league said Murray used the crown of his helmet to deliver the blow that sent Square to the ground.

The game officials did not flag Murray for the hit. The Cowboys running back had taken a swing pass down the left side of the field when he began cutting back and was met by Square in pursuit.

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Murray wasn’t the only player fined Friday for using the crown of his helmet to make contact.

Green Bay Packers linebacker A.J. Hawk and Baltimore Ravens safety James Ihedigbo were fined $15,750 each for hitting offensive players deemed defenseless.

Then there were the fines levied against New Orleans receivers Lance Moore and Kenny Stills. The two did a touchdown celebration dance first devised on the hit Comedy Central show “Key and Peele.” Their antics drew a fine of $7,875 each for an illegal end zone celebration.


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