Watch Robby Thompson signal bullpen for wrong pitcher in loss

Mariners Accidentally Bring In Wrong Pitcher, Blow Huge LeadThere are a lot of things you have to remember when you are a major league manager. Such as remembering which arm to point with when you want to bring in a reliever.

The Seattle Mariners had a five-run lead over the Boston Red Sox on Thursday night and brought in closer Tom Wilhelmsen to preserve the win. Wilhelmsen allowed a single, a double and two walks, prompting Manager Robby Thompson to bring in a reliever to face the switch-hitter Shane Victorino. Thompson had two relievers warming up in the bullpen, right-hander Yoervis Medina and lefty Oliver Perez. With a right-hander on deck behind Victorino, Thompson decided to bring in Medina.

Except, when walking to the mound, he first pointed with his left hand, the signal to bring in the lefty. Thompson corrected himself immediately, but it was too late. The umpires said he had to bring in the lefty.

“It’s a lesson learned that if you make any motion with either hand, that’s it,” Thompson said. “I didn’t realize that.’’


The Red Sox went on to rally and win the game, making the mistake a lot harder to swallow for Mariners fans.

Thompson is managing the team in place of Eric Wedge, who has been sidelined after suffering a mild stroke last month.


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