Watch track star Bryan Clay pull out daughter’s tooth with javelin

When little Ellie Clay had a loose baby tooth, her father found a novel way to pull it out.

The retired Olympic decathlete Bryan Clay took a long string of floss, tied one end to the tooth and the other end to one of his old javelins.

“It was all her idea,” Clay wrote on Twitter.

Video of the unorthodox dental procedure -- posted by the elder Clay -- shows the 5-year-old Ellie saying goodbye to the tooth as her dad heaves the javelin downfield. The floss pulls taut and you can guess the rest.


“Where’d it go?” Clay asked as family members searched the field.

Ellie said: “Can I have water?”

Track star Lolo Jones saw the tweet and replied: “I never got my wisdom teeth out, I’m coming over. #freeDental”

Clay won silver in the decathlon at the 2004 Summer Olympics, then took gold in 2008.