All 18 holes: Tiger Woods finishes one-over-par in first round of Masters

Tiger Woods climbs out of the bunker after a shot on the tenth hole of the first round of the Masters at Augusta National.

Tiger Woods climbs out of the bunker after a shot on the tenth hole of the first round of the Masters at Augusta National.

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Former No. 1 golfer in the world Tiger Woods is scheduled to make his return to tournament play Thursday at the Masters at Augusta National Golf Club.

Woods, a four-time green-jacket winner at Augusta, is paired with Jamie Donaldson and Jimmy Walker. The group will set to tee off at 10:48 a.m. PDT

Woods stepped away from golf in February after two disappointing performances to start his 2015 campaign.


He missed the cut at the Waste Management Phoenix Open after shooting a career-worst 82 in the second round and then was forced to withdraw from the Farmers Insurance Open with a back issue.

Woods missed the Masters last year after undergoing back surgery. He last won the tournament in 2005 and has 13 career top-10 finishes.

Check back here for Woods’ hole-by-hole results from the first round.

Hole No. 1, Tea Olive: Par 4, 445 yards – Result: Bogey | Score: +1 (T52)

Woods’ first competition drive in nearly two months went 293 yards, missing the fairway to the right side. Woods putt his second shot on the green, setting up a chance for a long birdie putt 43-feet from the pin, but he came up short. He missed ensuring putt for par and carded a bogey to start.

Hole No. 2, Pink Dogwood: Par 5, 575 yards - Result: Birdie | Score E (T36)

Things didn’t get better for Woods on his second drive. From the tee box, Woods’ shot went left, again setting himself up for a tough approach on No. 2. Woods recovered with a 120-yard shot down the fairway and then tagged the green four feet from the hole setting himself up for the birdie putt.


Hole No. 3, Flowering Peach: Par 4, 350 yards - Result: Par | Score E (T37)

After going right, then left, Woods sent his third drive straight down the fairway 325 yards just outside of the green on the short Par 4. Twenty-four feet from the pin never felt so far away. Woods’ chip shot sailed over the hole to the other side of the green. Woods makes par after his birdie putt comes up just short.

Hole No. 4, Flowering Crab Apple: Par 3, 240 yards - Result: Bogey | Score +1 (T54)

Woods’ tee-shot from No. 4 stays straight, but ends up in the front bunker. His next shot goes up and over the green to the back left side leaving him seven yards from the hole. Woods shorts the putt for par and settles for bogey.

Hole No. 5, Magnolia: Par 4, 455 yards - Result: Par | Score: +1 (T48)

From No. 5, Woods’ drive went straight but stayed to the left side of the fairway. His next shot went green, setting up a 25-foot putt for birdie. Woods’ putt comes up just short again, but the former No. 1 golfer in the world taps it in for par.


Hole No. 6, Juniper: Par 3, 180 yards - Result: Par | Score: +1 (T48)

Woods sticks the drive on No. 6 to the right on the outside of the green about eight yards from the pin. A putt from off the green puts him in an easy spot for another par.

Hole No. 7, Pampas: Par 4, 450 yards - Result: Par | Score: +1 (T47)

Woods sent his longest drive of the afternoon 285 yards, but ended up behind a tree for his second shot, which he muscled onto the green. Woods faced another test of his short game with a 21-foot putt. Short again, Woods will take another par.

Hole No. 8, Yellow Jasmine: Par 5, 570 yards - Result: Birdie | Score: E (T30)

On Augusta’s longest hole, a confident Woods improved on his best drive of the day going 305 yards down the left side of the fairway. Woods attacked the course again and took a straight line up over the green. A nice chip and Woods is able to to claim another birdie on the short putt.


Hole No. 9, Carolina Cherry: Par 4, 460 yards - Result: Bogey | Score: +1 (T43)

Trouble with the driver again. From the moment Woods’ club connected with the ball he knew it was off target, dropping his club and watching the shot go left. His ensuing goes deep into the trees, but again he’s able to recover, sending a big curving shot up and to the left of the hole on the green. Two putts later, Woods takes his third bogey of the first round.

Hole No. 10, Camellia: Par 4, 495 yards - Result: Par | Score: +1 (T42)

Let’s try this again. Woods’ drive from No. 10 stays straight and sticks to the fairway. Woods reacts to his second shot with a yell and stomping off to the left side as his ball hits the high-side of the bunker near the green. A good chip sets up a short put for par.

Hole No. 11, White Dogwood: Par 4, 505 yards - Result: Par | Score: +1 (T42)

Off to a good start, Woods takes his tee shot up the middle 320 yards before heading down the fairway with his next shot. Facing the water, sticks his chip shot on the green from 34-yards. Another short putt and he’s made par again.


Hole No. 12, Golden Bell: Par 3, 155 yards - Result: Bogey | Score: +2 (T54)

Splash. Woods’ tee shot goes short and bounces off the bank and ends up in the water. After taking the drop, Woods puts the ball two-feet from the pin with his wedge and takes another bogey putt.

Hole No. 13, Azalea: Par 5, 510 yards - Result: Birdie | Score: +1 (T43)

This time the the driver takes Woods 301 yards down the fairway to the right side. On his second shot, Woods goes left of the green but the ball takes a good hop and stays in range to give him a reasonable chance at a birdie given how well his short game has been today. His chip shot runs fast, but stays on the green setting up a seven-foot putt.

Hole No. 14, Chinese Fir: Par 4, 440 yards - Result: Par | Score: +1 (T42)

Woods driver stays true and sends him down the middle of the fairway on No. 14. His second lands high on the green about 41 feet from the hole. Woods had the right line, but the wrong power on his birdie shot. Another two-putt.


Hole No. 15, Firethorn: Par 5, 530 yards - Result: Par | Score: +1 (T41)

“C’mon Tiger,” Woods says. And here we go again. Woods’ tee shot goes right and ends up in the pine straw 310 yards away. He laid up his next shot to the left side of the fairway and then popped his shot over the water to the edge of the green. He’s not making up any ground of the leader Jordan Spieth, but he’s hasn’t fallen apart either. Woods two-putted out to make par.

Hole No. 16, Redbud: Par 3, 170 yards - Result: Par | Score: +1 (T42)

Woods gets onto the green with his seven-iron and with a little roll he’s 21 feet from the hole. The short game gets Woods this time, but he escapes with a two-putt par.

Hole No. 17, Nandina: Par 4, 440 yards - Result: Par | Score: +1 (T41)

Woods find the middle of the fairway on his penultimate drive of the afternoon. On to the green with his next shot, and with a long putt Woods could get even before the days end. It just meant to wasn’t to be. His first putt stayed left of the hole and he tapped in to notch another par on his scorecard.


Hole No. 18, Holly: Par 4, 465 yards - Result: Par | Score: +1 (41T)

The tee shot stays straight and hits the fairway again. Woods catches the slope on the green on his second shot and loses a bit of ground on the roll back. He’s sitting 59 feet from the hole. After an up-and-down afternoon on the course, Woods putts for par and finishes the first round at the Masters one-over-par 73.

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