President Trump serves ‘over 1,000 hamburgers’ to Clemson football team

If you ever hoped to be invited to dinner at the White House, you may want to put that on hold for a while.

Clemson’s national championship football team went to the White House to be honored for winning the title, and President Trump had an elaborate feast ready for them:

“The Clemson national championship team will be coming tonight. It will be exciting,” Trump said. “Very great team. An unbelievable team. I think we’re going to serve McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Burger Kings with some pizza. I really mean it. It will be interesting. I would think that’s their favorite food.”

With much of the government shut down, the President paid for the food himself. He initially told reporters that the spread included “300 hamburgers” but later told the players he had sent out for “about 1,000 hamburgers.”


He repeated the higher number in a tweet about the event the next morning.

Rumor has it that Trump wanted to serve churros for dessert, but couldn’t get funding for a wall to surround the churros to keep them confined to their part of the table.