DeMarcus Lawrence after blowing off young fan in Giants jersey: ‘Suck it up’

Dallas Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence isn't about to sign an autograph for anyone in a New York Giants jersey.
Dallas Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence isn’t about to sign an autograph for anyone in a New York Giants jersey.
(Joe Robbins / Getty Images)

Demarcus Lawrence had some tough love for a young NFL fan Sunday afternoon, and the Dallas Cowboys defensive end isn’t about to apologize for it.

Following the Cowboys’ 35-17 victory over the New York Giants, a boy spotted Lawrence outside AT&T Stadium, called out to the two-time Pro Bowler and approached him in hopes of getting an autograph on what appears to be a towel featuring the Cowboys logo.

Oddly enough, the youngster was wearing the jersey of Giants running back Saquon Barkley and had the logo of the Cowboys’ NFC East rival painted on his face. Whatever — the guy is apparently more a fan of the game than any one team.


And he’s a child.

But Lawrence wanted nothing to do with the young fellow wearing what he considers to be the wrong shade of blue. The star player strolled right past him, then yelled over his shoulder, “Get the right jersey, son!”

The whole interaction was caught on video and posted on social media. Check out the look on the poor little guy’s face — he’s crushed.

On Tuesday morning, Lawrence took to Twitter and offered an explanation for his behavior that kind of makes sense — if you read it while squinting, scratching your head, stroking your chin and holding your mobile device upside down.

“It’s crazy how you fans want to attack me for not signing for a kid,” Lawrence wrote. “It’s more than one kid that come to the game with Cowboys jerseys and never get to meet any player. So if I’m honest with my own kids I will never treat your kid better than mine so suck it up. #SorryNotSorry”

Surely, after many years of extensive therapy, the boy will one day thank Lawrence for the valuable life lesson.