Californians aren’t betting on the Rams or Chargers

Chiefs Football
Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs are popular.
(Associated Press)

The Rams may have made the Super Bowl last season, but Californians aren’t standing in line to bet on them to win it this season.

According to data provided by, more bets have been made in California on the Kansas City Chiefs to win the Super Bowl than on any other team. The Chiefs are the top pick in 14 states. New England is second with five states. The Cowboys are third with four states.

Here’s the list:

Alabama - Falcons


Alaska - Chiefs

Arizona - Bears

Arkansas - Cowboys

California - Chiefs


Colorado - Chiefs

Connecticut - Chiefs

Delaware - Eagles

Florida - Saints


Georgia - Falcons

Hawaii - Jets

Idaho - Chiefs

Illinois - Bears


Indiana - Colts

Iowa - Bears

Kansas - Chiefs

Kentucky - Chiefs


Louisiana - Saints

Maine - Patriots

Maryland - Ravens

Massachusetts - Patriots


Michigan - Lions

Minnesota - Vikings

Mississippi - Saints

Missouri - Chiefs


Montana - Chiefs

Nebraska - Chiefs

Nevada - Steelers

New Hampshire - Patriots


New Mexico - Cowboys

New York - Chiefs

North Carolina - Chiefs

North Dakota - Vikings


Ohio - Browns

Oklahoma - Browns

Oregon - Chiefs

Pennsylvania - Eagles


Rhode Island - Patriots

South Carolina - Panthers

South Dakota - Rams

Tennessee - Titans


Texas - Cowboys

Utah - Cowboys

Vermont - Rams

Virginia - Eagles


Washington - Seahawks

Washington D.C. - Chiefs

West Virginia - Patriots

Wisconsin - Packers


Wyoming - Broncos

Note: BetOnline does not take bets from New Jersey.

Everybody relax

U.S. Open champion Bianca Andreescu wondered on social media why Toronto rapper Drake had not congratulated her on becoming the first Canadian to win a singles title at one of the four major tennis tournaments.


All is well now. He texted her Wednesday while she was at a news conference for an upcoming event.

“I’m actually having a conversation with him, this is unreal,” a delighted Andreescu said before reading the message. “He’s like, ‘Here I am, smiley face emoticon. Congrats, we are all so proud of you. I’ve been liking every post with you in it, lol I thought you’d see.’”

Andreescu told those at the news conference that “I didn’t see, I was barely on social media, I was just posting things, but yeah, that was cool. I don’t even know what to reply to that, it’s going to take me a while.”

Seems fair. Drake makes you wait, you make him wait. That’s the life of tennis’ newest star.


Your favorite sports moment

What is your favorite L.A. sports moment? Email me at and I might run it in a future Morning Briefing. And, yes, if your favorite moment is about the Angels or Ducks or a team just outside of L.A., I’ll count that too.

Today’s moment comes from Lyle Spencer of Santa Monica:

On May 7, 1959, the Dodgers and Yankees staged an exhibition game at the Coliseum as a benefit for the great Roy Campanella, paralyzed in an auto accident a few months before the Dodgers left Brooklyn for L.A. I was 10, a wide-eyed kid with my dad in the top row of the Coliseum that night, among 93,103 fans.


I would later attend hundreds of memorable sporting events as a journalist but nothing ever matched the emotions of that night when they shut off the lights and thousands of hand-held lighters illuminated the Coliseum.