Cardi B wants to name her next album ‘Tiger Woods’

Rapper Cardi B, left, says she was inspired to name her next album "Tiger Woods" after the golfer's Masters championship in May.
(Francois Mori / Associated Press; Tannen Maury / EPA / Shutterstock)

Jack Nicklaus has more major championships than Tiger Woods, or any other golfer for that matter.

But has a rapper ever named an album after Nicklaus?

Um, nope. Looks like Tiger might soon have him beat on that one.

Hip-hop star Cardi B revealed Thursday on Instagram Live that she plans to name her next collection of music after the 43-year-old golfer, saying she was inspired by his Masters victory in May — Woods’ 15th major championship, but his first in 11 years.

“Imma name my album, I think, ‘Tiger Woods’ because remember when everybody was talking ... on Tiger Woods, like ‘Oh blah blah blah, blah blah this, blah blah that.’” the “Bodack Yellow” singer said in the video. “And then he ... came and won that green jacket? That’s what I’m gonna name my album.”


Incidentally, there does happen to be a group named the “Jack Nicklaus Tribute Band.” presumably in honor of the 18-time majors champion. Their music is rather odd and doesn’t seem to have much to do with the 18-time majors champion.

As for Tiger Woods, the man is a cultural icon. It was probably only a matter of time before someone named an album after him. The only real surprise is that it wasn’t Nickelback.

It’s good to have goals

Sam Darnold probably has a lot of goals in life.

The New York Jets quarterback has one — if he’s cleared to play against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday — that’s rather basic.

“I wanna make sure that I’m safe out there, and that I’m not gonna die,” Darnold told reporters Thursday.

Sounds like a plan, Sam.

The former USC star has been recovering from mononucleosis and hasn’t played since Week 1. The main concern at this point is his spleen, an organ that can become enlarged when someone has mono. Since damage to the spleen can be serious, the Jets are playing it safe and have not cleared Darnold for physical contact yet.

That clearance could come Friday. If it does, you might want to stay out of Darnold’s way.

“If they tell us he can go, you can tell him not to play,” coach Adam Gase said Thursday. “It’s not going to go well.”


Did we really need to know that?

It has not been a great season for folks who prefer to picture their NFL stars fully clothed.

First, Jacksonville Jaguars running back Leonard Fournette announced to the world earlier this week that Gardner Minshew’s nickname is “The Jockstrap King,” likely bestowed upon the rookie quarterback because of a story Fournette told reporters last month.

According to Fournette, Minshew has the bizarre habit of stretching in the locker room wearing nothing but an athletic supporter.

“That’s his ritual. I’m used to it now,” Fournette said following an impressive performance by Minshew in the Jaguars’ season-opening loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. “Whatever make him throw 88%, he can have it. I’m not gonna stop him.”

That visual was bad enough ... then we had to hear a horrifying tale from New England Patriots receiver Julian Edelman about an awkward hot tub encounter with coach Bill Belichick.

“He got up and got out. And real, real big party foul by coach,” the Super Bowl LIII MVP said in a video posted to YouTube on Wednesday. “I mean, we’re supposed to have shorts on. We’re supposed to have shorts. But I guess at 11 o’clock when you’re the GOAT of coaching, you go wherever you want, free ... .


“So I had to hide my absolute face of terror after seeing what I saw and sit in the hot tub.”

Seriously, guys, enough sharing.