Kevin Durant talks about why he left the Warriors

Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant
(Gregory Shamus / Getty Images)

NBA fans have wondered if Kevin Durant’s dispute with teammate Draymond Green last season led to his decision to leave the Golden State Warriors in the offseason and sign with the Brooklyn Nets. Durant addressed the subject Thursday on ESPN’s “First Take.”

“I wish that wouldn’t have happened,” Durant said of his clash with Green. “I feel like that was a situation that definitely could have been avoided. It really came out of nowhere.”

The disagreement happened after a loss to the Clippers. Durant was mad that Green didn’t get the ball to him for a potential game-winning shot and Green responded by accusing Durant of planning to leave the Warriors via free agency and that the team didn’t need him. Their dispute continued in the locker room and Green was suspended for one game without pay by the Warriors.


“Draymond knew that he was out of line,” Durant said. “As men, we talked about it and everybody around tried to get us to mend it fast because of the season and we wanted to win. But he had his process on how he wanted to handle it and I had my process and eventually we came together.”

But did it lead to his departure?

“I mean, your teammate talked to you that way, you think about it a bit,” he said. “But ... we talked about it, but definitely [it was a factor], for sure, I’m not going to lie about it.”

Free agent

Houston Astros pitcher, whoops, make that former Houston Astros pitcher Gerrit Cole angered some fans after Wednesday’s Game 7 loss to the Washington Nationals by refusing to wear an Astros cap during postgame interviews.

As Hunter Atkins of the Houston Chronicle reports, Cole didn’t want to speak to the media and had to be cajoled into it by Astros media relations director Gene Dias. Cole said, “I mean, I’m not employed. I’m not employed.” Dias said, “We would like for you to do it, but it’s your call.” Cole finally relented, “All right, as an affiliate of myself.” He then put on a Boras Corp. hat, the company of his agent, Scott Boras.

Cole is a free agent and is expected to land a massive contract this offseason as the top pitcher available. He tried to make amends to fans Thursday by tweeting the following: “Houston, last night was a tough one for us and the heartbreak hasn’t gotten any easier today. Before I became an Astro I didn’t know much about Houston, but after just two years you have made it feel like home. So here’s what I know now. You have been overwhelmingly friendly, welcoming, and kind to my family and me.

“The Astros organization has been such a pleasure to play for, the Cranes are indeed special people and great owners. I’ve met lifelong friends on the team and in the community and learned a little about pitching along the way. Playing in front of you is really something special and has been such an honor. The incredible support and passionate roars inspire our team to play at [the] highest level we possibly can. This is a relationship between a team and fans like no other that I know.


“Thank you for making us better people and better players. This was a great season. We have a lot to be proud of.”

Yeah, just not proud enough to wear an Astros cap for one minute longer than necessary.