Best Game Ever: Jared Dudley recalls putting Boston College on the map

Lakers forward Jared Dudley reacts after making a three-pointer against the Warriors on Nov. 13.
Lakers forward Jared Dudley after making a three-pointer against the Warriors on Nov. 13.
(Harry How / Getty Images)

Dan Woike asked NBA players to tell us about the best game in their basketball career. This week: Jared Dudley

Jan. 19, 2005: Boston College 67, Villanova 66

36 PTS, 12-18 FG, 11-13 FT

Lakers forward Jared Dudley had a game in mind before he let his memory go deeper. The NBA journeyman has made a spot for himself on teams because of his high character and willingness to do the little things, but in college Dudley was capable of doing the big things. As a sophomore, Dudley helped put Boston College basketball on the map, an accomplishment that included his best game ever.

“In the NBA, let’s go with that first. I’m the only player in NBA history to be 10 for 10 in a game with at least four threes made. It was against the No. 1 seed Atlanta Hawks. I didn’t miss a shot. And we won. Flawless. Flawless game. Perfect. I got a steal. I got a dunk — I got a dunk! ... But in college, I had 36 against Villanova. We were undefeated, and they had Kyle Lowry and Randy Foye. We were 15-0, No. [8] in the country [after] we won that game. The college game is my favorite because at that time, B.C. was nothing. We made them a top-three team in the country, and I carry that with me. I’m the face of the B.C. alumni organization.”


NBA players tell us about their best game ever.

Dec. 28, 2018