Patrick Mahomes’ girlfriend Brittany Matthews alleges harassment by Patriots fans

Brittany Matthews kisses Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes in a Gillette Stadium hallway.
(@brittanylynne / Instagram)

Patrick Mahomes’ girlfriend says she and the Kansas City quarterback’s younger brother were moved to a “safe place” by Gillette Stadium security during the Chiefs’ game against the New England Patriots on Sunday in Foxborough, Mass.

Brittany Matthews was all over social media as she and Jackson Mahomes watched the Chiefs defeat the Patriots 23-16 to clinch the AFC West title. In addition to commentary about the action on the field, Matthews also provided details about how the two of them were being treated by some New England fans.

And according to Matthews, they weren’t treated well.

“As soon as we sit down, drunk dude ‘hey everyone this is patrick mahomes girl and brother, let’s give them ...,’” tweeted Matthews, a personal trainer who is said to have been Patrick Mahomes’ high school sweetheart.


She added, “This shall be fun,” along with an eyeroll emoji.

Several minutes later, she tweeted: “This place is horrible, people already yelling every time I stand up, am I not aloud to stand up for football game?”

According to a later tweet, she received an answer to her rhetorical question.

“I was told if I stand they will call security and kick us out,” Matthews wrote. “Can’t stand for your team?

Jackson Mahomes seemed to corroborate Matthews’ claims on his Twitter feed.

“Patriots fans are rude as hell!!” he wrote.

About an hour later, Matthews tweeted that stadium security moved them for safety reasons. “That’s how you know it was bad,” she wrote.

Matthews wrote on Instagram that security staff told her “we have cameras everywhere and we have seen you getting harassed.”

She added: “I’m here & these fans will NEVER keep me away.”

The Patriots’ public relations department has yet to respond to an inquiry about the alleged incident.


Of course, Matthews got the last laugh after her boyfriend became the first quarterback under 25 to beat the Patriots in New England during the Tom Brady era. According to the New York Post, she taunted Patriots fans by singing “Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey, goodbye.”

“Everyone was sleeping on us, so we woke em up,” Matthews wrote on an Instagram post that included a photo of her kissing Patrick Mahomes in a Gillette Stadium hallway.