Best Game Ever: Malcolm Brogdon delivered a win as a rookie

Bucks rookie guard Malcolm Brogdon drives past Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas during a game at TD Garden on March 29, 2017.
(Maddie Meyer / Getty Images)

Dan Woike asked NBA players to tell us about the best game in their basketball career. This week: Malcolm Brogdon.

March 29, 2017: Milwaukee Bucks 103, Boston Celtics 100

16 points, 6-12 FGs, 9 assists, 4 rebounds

Sometimes a best game can be special for a moment, maybe even a small, seemingly insignificant moment. For Malcolm Brogdon, his best game came at the very end of his rookie-of-the-year campaign, a night when the Bucks knocked the Celtics out of first place thanks to six late-game points, including the least sexy way to score in the NBA — via mid-range jumper. Since that game, Brogdon has evolved into being a top player for the Indiana Pacers, who desperately need him to return from a back injury that has bothered him for the last few weeks.

“Man, there was a game my rookie year. I think we played in Boston. I came down, played point guard, got the start at that position. It was a big game and we ended up winning. I made some huge plays at the end, made some huge shots, made a big shot against Avery Bradley in the mid-range. That’s sort of a play that sticks in my mind, for sure, in the NBA. That’s a great team, a great organization, being at Boston — a great crowd, a great atmosphere. It was a great game to win. (As a rookie) that was huge. [Coach] Jason Kidd actually gave me a lot of opportunity. That was huge for my career. It really propelled me.”


NBA players tell us about their best game ever.

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