Baker Mayfield ‘almost’ certain he saw a UFO flying over Texas

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield
Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield celebrates after a playoff win over the Pittsburgh Steelers on Jan. 10.
(Justin Berl / Associated Press)

Count Baker Mayfield among those who “want to believe.”

The Cleveland Browns quarterback decided to go to the one place all people seemingly go to after an encounter with the third kind — Twitter — to let the world know he is “almost” certain he saw a UFO on Wednesday night. The supposed aerial phenomena was spotted by the former No. 1 overall pick over the Lake Travis area in central Texas.

Predictably, plenty of folks on Twitter had fun replying to Mayfield’s offseason observation. Still, when it comes to unbelievable feats, Mayfield is sort of an expert. The third-year QB played a leading role in helping the Browns win a playoff game in January for the first time since the 1994 season after making the postseason for the first time since 2002.

With the Browns rising as arguably one of the top teams in the AFC, who’s to doubt what Mayfield saw? Sure, he doesn’t spend as much time looking at the sky as Browns quarterbacks of yesteryear, but he knows a complex pattern when he sees one.