Red Sox in yellow and blue? What’s next ... Dodger chartreuse?

Boston Red Sox outfielder Alex Verdugo poses in the team's City Connect uniform.
(Billie Weiss / Boston Red Sox / Nike)

Ah, Dodger Stadium in late summer. Just kicking back, eating a Dodger Dog, drinking a cold brew and watching the Boys in Periwinkle.

Or maybe the uniforms will be Dodger chartreuse.

Or Dodger mauve.

Not a chance, you say?

Actually, anything seems possible after the Boston Red Sox revealed the team’s new City Connect uniforms Tuesday — uniforms that scrap the team’s signature navy and red look for bright blue and even brighter yellow.

Not even the socks are red. (The socks do have a small picture of a red sock as part of the team logo on the calf.)

It’s an interesting look, to be sure.

Although the color scheme breaks from Red Sox tradition, it matches the yellow and blue of the Boston Marathon finish line permanently painted on Boylston Street. There is also a patch on the left sleeve that resembles a racing bib from the historic event, with a bib number of 617 (the area code at the Red Sox’s Fenway Park).


The Red Sox will wear the special-edition uniforms on April 17 and 18, ahead of the city’s Patriots’ Day festivities on April 19.

Nike has made City Edition uniforms for the NBA since 2017, but the Red Sox are the first baseball team to receive such treatment. They will not be the last.

A michelada-spiced sausage and grasshopper ice cream are among the innovative offerings that will make their debut at MLB ballparks this season.

April 4, 2021

Nike said all MLB teams eventually would have City Connect uniforms to wear a handful of times and, of course, sell to fans.

This year, the concept will be limited to the Red Sox, Miami Marlins (with a May 21 on-field debut), Chicago White Sox (June 5), Chicago Cubs (June 12), Arizona Diamondbacks (June 18), San Francisco Giants (July 9) and the Dodgers (late August).

No word on what the Dodgers’ look will entail. Maybe the team name in a Hollywood-sign font? Or a crazy design based on the Walt Disney Concert Hall? And if Nike dares stray from the beloved Dodger blue, perhaps a lovely smog brown would be appropriate.