Letters to Sports: Trevor Bauer curse? Dodgers fans not so sure

Trevor Bauer rubs the baseball in between pitches.
Trevor Bauer rubs the baseball in between pitches during a game against the Reds in June 2021.
(Katelyn Mulcahy / Getty Images)

Bill Plaschke points to the signing of Trevor Bauer as a “curse” to the Dodgers and their poor, plagued, overmatched pitching staff.

So plagued that, going into last week, they boasted all five starting pitchers with ERAs under 3.00 — the only staff in baseball that could make that claim.

Plaschke says that the signing of Freddie Freeman left the cupboards bare for the poor financially strapped Guggenheims. How could they expect to pay for another quality pitcher?


The Guggenheims, financially strapped?

C’mon, man!

Steve Kaye


The only person who must be loving Plaschke’s theory of the “Bauer Curse” is Bauer himself. It gives him all the power over the Dodgers’ fate this season. I’m not buying it. The actual responsibility lies with the team’s management. Like many times in the past, I am hoping they will address the weaknesses and move to fix them. Let’s leave that other guy out of the picture — way out of it.

Laura Owen
Pacific Palisades


The Bauer curse? Oh, that’s rich! Be sure to watch out for the boogeyman too.

Art Peck
Los Angeles


The Savannah Bananas, a minor league baseball club, went on their first ever “World Tour” this year, taking their unique brand of baseball to various cities across America.

May 16, 2022

Going Bananas?

I do think baseball can use some innovations to speed up the game; but “Broadway meets baseball” as the Savannah Bananas’ coach termed it is not the way to go. It makes a mockery of the game. A pitcher removing his pants to pitch or the team doing some hip-hop moves is not the way to speed up the game, but merely players looking foolish.

Mark Sherwin
Los Angeles

Coaching conundrum

I have read that Mark Jackson, Adrian Griffin, Darvin Ham and Terry Stotts have all been listed as possible candidates for the Lakers head coaching job. These all seem like worthy candidates, but I hope they are smart enough to understand the job for which they are applying — Chief Scapegoat. It doesn’t matter if you win the title in your first year or make rational coaching decisions. You will be entering an impossible situation in which you will receive no support, be undermined at every turn and confined by the moves of clueless upper management.

Scott Grieve

Isn’t it ironic

It is quite ironic that on a day the sports section of The Times devotes a story about an ex-coach (Benny Gallo) who refused to be vaccinated to protect both himself and his teammates, the front page contains a story headlined “COVID-19 Deaths Reach 1 Million in U.S.” Please do not waste any more of your precious print space on people like this.

Jim Lawson
Santa Barbara



Mr. Gallo better get used to selling cars. He doesn’t deserve to get his job back with the Nationals.

The loss of his job is the price he should pay for his stubborn head-in-the-sand view that no one, be it his employer or the state, can require him to take steps to protect his co-workers or fellow citizens.

That he selfishly values his “freedom” over the well-being of others is reason enough to avoid him at a baseball game or a car dealership.

Ray McKown



Benny Gallo is suing the Washington Nationals because he lost his job refusing to be vaccinated based on his devout Christian belief and the sanctity of his physical body.

Evangelicals such as Gallo always seem to forget the one Bible phrase that is above all … Love thy neighbor as thy self. Hey, Mr. Gallo, hope you lose your case, which is nothing compared to those millions of people who lost their lives to this terrible pandemic.

Andy Mariani
San Pedro

The bullpen has played a leading role in the Angels’ strong start to the 2022 MLB season, and the pitchers have developed a very unique bonding ritual.

May 12, 2022

Maddon-ing Angels

To all you avid Angels fans (and you know who you are) who are anxious over the prospects of your beloved team, I have a message.

The simple fact is you’re not likely to win any championships anyway, not with the “Mad Professor” at the helm.

I know from first-hand observation that Joe Maddon will find more ways to frustrate the audience and perplex the experts.


Yeah, I know, I’ve heard all the arguments and yes he was on the bench when the Cubs won their only World Series in 80 years. But it wasn’t from lack of trying that he almost blew it.

As long as Uncle Joe thinks he’s smarter and more savvy than anyone else, he’ll have you on the edge of your seat wondering how he ever came up with the worst move at the worst possible time. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Bob Ory
Elgin, Ill.

Kings’ close call

The Kings’ loss in Game 7 was a case of the student outcoaching the mentor. While initially the decision to set the game cadence during the first period to one favoring the Kings (slow and methodical) was working, once the Oilers took the lead, the Kings needed to abandon that tactic and get aggressive. Instead, other than a brief flurry to start the third period, the Kings thereafter looked like a boxer who knows he’s beaten, but hangs in there, just wanting not to get KO’d.

Bruce Miller
Playa del Rey



Kudos to the L.A. Kings, coach Todd McLellan and their entire coaching staff. The team far exceeded any expectations of the media and “knowledgeable’’ experts. The team fought through injuries that deprived them of the heart of their defense.

With a plethora of highly skilled young prospects, the future looks bright. Perhaps a pickup of an available defenseman could propel them into Stanley Cup contention. Wait until next year!

Ephraim A. Moxson
Los Angeles

Fowler flop

Rickie Fowler says he’s undecided on whether or not to jump ship and join the Saudi-backed LIV Golf Tour. Because the PGA Tour ”could be better.” Fowler has been on the Tour since 2009. He has won five times in 13 years. No majors. His net worth is close to $20 million, he’s 33 years old and the Tour could be better to him? Sounds pretty good to me!

Steve Briseno
Mission Viejo

Not being artificial

The new L.A. Chargers training facility in El Segundo will have three football fields complete with real grass. In a state with a major water shortage can we afford to allow the Chargers to have real grass? After all, they play on AstroTurf at SoFi and other stadiums around the country. Why can’t they practice on AstroTurf?


Andy Trabin
San Pedro

Chargers Chairman Dean Spanos asked new El Segundo neighbors, the Lakers, for some championship mojo as his team broke ground on new headquarters.

May 18, 2022

Transfer issues

Reading about the latest athlete to transfer to USC (Jordan Addison) got me to wondering how soon the NCAA will institute a draft, a la the pros, with similar rules and regulations governing (controlling) transfers. It only seems the next, most logical step in the transition of college sports from (supposed) amateurs to professionals.

I got a real chuckle out of Addison’s reference to “student athletes.” I wonder what classes he’s taken to remain eligible?

John Snyder
Newbury Park


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