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Hillary Clinton tells Stephen Colbert: 'I am not going anywhere'

For former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, the question of "what happened" began at midnight on election night. Or as she called it, "The dark time of the soul, midnight."

"I'm waiting for it to not be midnight soon," Stephen Colbert responded on Tuesday night's "Late Show."

It was Clinton's first late-night appearance since her November defeat by Donald Trump. She sat down with Colbert to explore what happened, how to prevent it from happening again and what exactly Colbert had in mind for his alt-universe election night special.

Promoting her new book, "What Happened," Clinton and Colbert talked of many things. Like how some people wish she would just go away.

"Well, you know, if they'd take up a collection and somewhere really nice, I might consider it," Clinton joked about her detractors, before clarifying: "I am not going anywhere," which elicited raucous and extended audience applause.

Clinton and Colbert also discussed if the federal investigation into Russia's involvement in the 2016 election could undermine the legitimacy of Trump's victory. 

"Nobody's talking about contesting the election," Clinton said. "Including me."

When an audience member registered disapproval, Clinton explained that there was no mechanism to do such a thing.

"This is someone who believes in the Constitution, unlike the guy who got the job," Colbert explained.

Not everything was so serious, though. While sipping Chardonnay and chatting, Colbert offered Clinton an envelope full of his Hillary victory jokes, unused on election night.

To Clinton's apparent shock and delight, it included a photo of several nude young men with an inspiring message painted on their buttocks. 

"I wish we could have told those jokes," Colbert said. "I wish you were our president."

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