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'13 Reasons Why' is getting a second season. Here's what to expect

Dylan Minnette, left, and Katherine Langford, stars of "13 Reasons Why." (Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times)
Dylan Minnette, left, and Katherine Langford, stars of "13 Reasons Why." (Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times)

It's official. Netflix's teen drama "13 Reasons Why" has been picked up for a second season. 

The show chronicles the aftermath of the suicide of 17-year-old Hannah Baker, played by Katherine Langford, and examines issues of slut-shaming, rape and social media harassment in the process. Hannah leaves behind a series of audiotapes to be listened to by the people she holds responsible for her death — including her rapist, her estranged friends and those who bullied her. 

Given the nature of Hannah’s story, the show has been heavily hyped and has generated plenty of think pieces and headlines since its March 31 release:

“Does ‘13 Reasons Why’ Glamorize Teen Suicide?”

“Critics say ‘13 Reasons Why’ has artistic merit. Suicide prevention experts say it’s dangerous.”

“ ‘13 Reasons Why’ Is Not the Force for Mental Health Awareness People Say It Is”

The concerns prompted Netflix to strengthen its advisory warnings. The series has a TV-MA rating.

As for what to expect in Season 2, series creator Brian Yorkey told The Times, prior to Sundays announcement, that “Hannah’s story isn’t over  she has parents who still don’t have the complete story.”

“There’s a rapist who hasn't been brought to justice, and there’s a living survivor of that rapist who is just beginning her journey of recovery,” he said.

“Part of the problem with our culture is that we say, ‘Oh, the story’s done. Rapes are treated, at best, as a multi-episode arc within a season, when anyone who’s experienced rape knows it’s a lifelong story,” Yorkey added. “If we left these 13 episodes out in the world with [the rapist] not being brought to justice … it’d be incredibly dissatisfying to me.”

Season 2 will debut on Netflix next year.


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