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Chelsea Manning introduces herself, post-prison, via Instagram

Chelsea Manning walked out of military prison Wednesday and straight onto Instagram, posting a portrait of herself and pictures of her first indulgences: pizza and Dom Perignon. 

"Okay, so here I am everyone!!" the 27-year-old announced along with a #HelloWorld hashtag, posting a headshot that looks distinctly different from the news photos that abounded in 2013, when as Pfc. Bradley Manning she was convicted of espionage in the WikiLeaks case and sentenced to 35 years behind bars. 

"I am looking forward to so much!" Manning said Wednesday in a statement issued upon her release. "Whatever is ahead of me is far more important than the past. I'm figuring things out right now — which is exciting, awkward, fun, and all new for me."

Rumor has it we'll be seeing more of Manning soon in a fashion spread for Vogue, though the magazine hasn't confirmed or denied that tidbit. (Why not do it? Her situation has already been fodder for opera.)

President Obama commuted her sentence in January, just days before President Trump was inaugurated. Manning, who spent about seven years in military prison, sued the federal government in 2014 to get hormone treatment for gender dysphoria and to be able to live as a woman; that treatment was approved in early 2015. 

"Here's to freedom and a new beginning. . . #ChelseaIsFree," she said in the caption of a picture of a Champagne toast. 

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