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The CW's first 'Black Lightning' trailer shows a retired superhero's return to fighting crime

Ready to get lit up? The CW has released the first trailer for "Black Lightning," introducing fans to the newest superhero family to join the network's ever-growing roster of comic book TV shows. 

The trailer reveals how Jefferson Pierce, who, as the superhero Black Lightning, worked to keep the streets safe in his New Orleans neighborhood fighting against a local gang known as the One Hundred, gave up his life of vigilante justice for his family. 

Although Pierce devoted his life to being a good father and shifted his focus to having a positive effect on his community by being a good principal, eventually the violence on the streets pulls him out of retirement. Armed with a new super suit, Black Lightning returns to crime fighting. 

With the power to harness electrical energy (a.k.a. shoot lightning), Black Lightning was one of the first black superheroes to appear in DC Comics.

The trailer also hints that much like in the comics, Pierce's daughters, Anissa (Nafessa Williams) and Jennifer (China Anne McClain), might have inherited some superpowers of their own. 

"Black Lighting" is part of the CW's midseason lineup.

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