The day after Oscar's craziest, shocking moment ever, questions still linger about why "La La Land" was announced best picture when "Moonlight" was the true winner.

L.A. Times' film critic Justin Chang comes to the conclusion that the two movies' fortunes were inextricable and the you-couldn’t-have-scripted-it finale oddly enough made sense.

Barry Jenkins explains what happened onstage during the best picture 'Moonlight' mix-up

 (Al Seib / Los Angeles Times)
(Al Seib / Los Angeles Times)

After the chaos of the Oscars best picture mix-up, The Times caught up with "Moonlight" director Barry Jenkins.

Did the Academy offer him any explanation?

"No explanation," Jenkins said. "I will say that I saw two cards and so things just happened. I wanted to see the card to see the card."

In an odd twist, the best picture presenter, Warren Beatty, refused to show anyone the card before showing it directly to Jenkins. "Everybody was asking and he was like 'No, Barry Jenkins has to see the card; I need him to know.'"

After Jenkins saw the official card with "Moonlight" printed on the paper, the director felt better about what happened.

"I will say that the folks from 'La La Land' were so gracious," Jenkins admitted. "I can’t imagine being in their position and having to do that. I wasn’t speechless because we won. I was speechless because it was so gracious of them to do that. The card said: 'Best Picture: Moonlight.'"

Jenkins refuses to be too negative about the confusion: "It's unfortunate that things happened the way they did, but hot damn, we won best picture."

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