Southern Section

Saturday, March 6

At Centennial Garden, Bakersfield

BAKERSFIELD - The most-anticipated match of the state wrestling tournament did not disappoint a record crowd of 7,591 as David Juaregui of Santa Ana Calvary Chapel and Troy Tirapelle of Clovis battled to an epic finish in the 140-pound final Saturday night at Centennial Garden.

Juaregui eventually lost, 13-12, when he allowed Tirapelle to escape with five seconds left then couldn't get the takedown for the victory. Juaregui fell behind, 9-0, in the second period before closing the deficit to 10-4 entering the third. After tying the score, 12-12, with 30 seconds left, Juaregui was unable to turn Tirapelle and let him escape.The crowd booed as Tirapelle, who lost his No. 1-ranking in state after a 6-4 loss to Juaregui at the Five Counties Invitational, raised his arms in victory.

Tirapelle was on the run as Juaregui fought back into the match by continually taking down Tirapelle and then releasing him. Tirapelle, who twice used injury timeouts to try to thwart the comeback, eventually was penalized for stalling.

"I think Dave should have received four [penalty] points," Calvary Chapel Coach Josh Holiday said. "But Dave shouldn't have gotten behind 9-0."

Junior Brian Moreno of Santa Ana Foothill won his second consecutive state title with a 6-4 victory over Cory Borges of Hughson at 112 pounds. Last year he won the 103-pound title.

"The second time is so much sweeter because there's more pressure," Moreno said. "People put a target on your back. But, I had faith that I could win."

Calvin Devault of Temecula Valley beat Brian Merritt of Yucca Valley, 7-6, in overtime for the 160-pound title in a rematch of their Masters Meet final, which was won by Merritt, 6-4, in overtime.

Devault trailed, 6-4, with 56 seconds on Saturday but got a reverse to tie the score. In overtime, Devault chose to be down to start overtime and gained an escape for the victory.

"I put all my energy on the line so I wouldn't regret anything," Devault said. "I hoped the match wouldn't be that close, but Brian has gotten really good."

Calvary Chapel's Justin Paulson (103), Riverside Norte Vista's Kyle Lopez (125), Calvary Chapel's Patrick Aleksanyan (135) and Santa Barbara San Marcos' Alex Mack (275) finished second after winning semifinal matches in the morning.

Covina Northview had two third-place finishers in Caleb Flores (103) and Sam McGeorge (152).It was Flores' second consecutive top-eight finish, having placed sixth the previous year as Northview's only qualifier last season.

But Flores claimed he was still not pleased with the result.

"This was definitely a learning experience for me," said Flores, who was ranked No. 1 in the state coming into the tournament. "I was under a lot of pressure and I cracked [losing to Bakersfield's Joe Cisneros, 7-6 in the semifinals]. Everything didn't work out the way I wanted it, but hopefully I redeemed myself. Next year, I'll be ready."Chino Hills Ayala posted concluded its best postseason in school history with three medalists. Juniors Arman Kucukkoseoglu (189) and Dominic Del Duca (140) each finished fourth, and Nick Ketesleger (275) finished seventh for the Bulldogs, who which had previously boasted only one state-qualifier placer - Ernest DeLeon, who finished third in 1995.

Bakersfield had all four finalists win to run away with the title, outscoring Clovis, 170.5 to 93.5. Poway was third at 82.5 and Calvary Chapel was fourth with 79.

Other top-eight finishers from the Southland were Juan Archuleta of Hesperia Sultana (fifth) and Dave Naverrete of Temecula Valley (seventh) at 103; Bryan Osuna of Calvary Chapel (sixth) and Kyle Bank of Dana Point Dana Hills (eighth) at 119; Teddy Astorga of Perris (fourth) at 125; Jesus Silvar of Corona Santiago (fourth) and Jimmy Kirkemo of Riverside King (sixth) and Kipp Bowman of Temecula Valley (seventh) at 135; David Acosta of North Torrance (fourth) at 145; Mike O'Hara of Redlands East Valley (fifth) at 152; Bobby Green of Fontana Miller (fifth) at 160 and Kody Nielsen of Ventura (eighth) at 215.
--Rafer Weigel

Final Teams Scores

1. Bakersfield, 170½; 2. Clovis, 93½; 3. Poway, 82½; 4. Santa Ana Calvary Chapel, 79; 5. Turlock, 73; 6. Hughson, 69; 7. Fresno Clovis West, 63; 8. Temecula Valley, 62; 9. La Costa Canyon, 54; 9. Northview, 52. Others included: 12. Ayala, 44; 24. Yucca Valley, 27; 30. Paso Robles, 25; 33. Perris, 24; 34. Santa Barbara San Marcos, 24; 38. Atascadero, 23; 40. Norte Vista, 22; 44. San Jacinto, 21½; 47. Corona Santiago, 19; 52. Miller, 17; 53. North Torrance, 16; 56. Redlands East Valley, 15½; 64. Santa Ana, 14.0; 69. Dana Hills 12½; 70. San Fernando, 12; 71. Sultana, 12.0; 75. King, 10; 77. Dos Pueblos, 10.

103 Pounds

CHAMPIONSHIP-Cisneros, Bakersfield d. Paulson, Santa Ana Calvary Chapel, 2-0. SEMIFINALS-Paulson d. Juengst, El Cajon Valhalla, 11-4; Cisneros d. Archuleta, Sultana, 4-1. THIRD-Flores, Northview d. Novachkov, Sunnyvale Fremont, 13-5. FIFTH-Archuleta d. Juengst, 12-2. SEVENTH-Navarette, Temecula Valley d. Fio, Shingle Springs Ponderosa, 4-2.

112 Pounds

CHAMPIONSHIP-Moreno, Santa Ana Foothill d. Borges, Hughson, 6-4. SEMIFINALS-Moreno d. Zoetewey, Concord de la Salle, 12-5; Borges d. Gurich, Gilroy, 1-0. THIRD-Land, Bakersfield d. Zoetewey, 5-3. FIFTH-Schurkamp, Escalon d. Zoetewey, 9-3. SEVENTH-Savala, Clovis d. Phillips, Elk Grove, 3-1.

119 Pounds

CHAMPIONSHIP-Ferguson, Loomis Del Oro d. Dillishaw, Altaville Bret Harte, 17-9. SEMIFINALS-Ferguson d. Masuta, Madera, 8-2; Dillishaw d. Exline, Turlock, 9-2. THIRD-Exline pinned Masuta, 5:39. FIFTH-Ramirez, Concord de la Salle d. Osuna, Santa Ana Calvary Chapel, 6-3. SEVENTH-Nacita, Bakersfield pinned Banks, Dana Hills, 4:18.

125 Pounds

CHAMPIONSHIP-Juarez, Hanford d. Lopez, Norte Vista, 9-2. SEMIFINALS-Juarez d. Rocha, Lemoore, 9-0; Lopez d. Orozco, Vacaville, 3-2. THIRD-Murphy, Hughson d. Astorga, Perris, 6-2. FIFTH-Orozco d. Rocha, 4-2. SEVENTH-Carlos, San Jose Mitty d Torres, Exeter, 11-6.

130 Pounds

CHAMPIONSHIP-Morgan, Bakersfield d. Williams, Clovis, injury default. SEMIFINALS-Morgan d. Mendenhall, Hughson, 18-3; Williams d. Fracchia, Vacaville, 5-4. THIRD-Mendenhall d. Fracchia, 3-2. FIFTH-Glavis, Roseville Woodcreek pinned Christian, Danville San Ramon, 1:33. SEVENTH-Vidaurri, Fallbrook d. Ronny, Union City James Logan, 9-4.

135 Pounds

CHAMPIONSHIP-Gonzalez, Turlock d. Aleksanyan, Santa Ana Calvary Chapel, 4-2. SEMIFINALS-Gonzalez d. Kirkemo, King, 8-7; Aleksanyan d. Silvar, Corona Santiago, 10-5. THIRD-Cox, Oakdale d. Silvar, 3-0. FIFTH-Brooks, Redding Shasta d. Kirkemo, 11-4. SEVENTH-Bowman, Temecula Valley d. Warsh, Poway, 5-3.

140 Pounds

CHAMPIONSHIP-Tirapelle, Clovis d. Juaregui, Santa Ana Calvary Chapel, 13-12. SEMIFINALS-Juaregui pinned Lucatero, Stockton Lincoln, 3:59; Tirapelle pinned Swarts, Poway, 2:26. THIRD-Swartz d. Del Duca, Ayala, 10-2. FIFTH-Garcia, Manteca d. Lucatero, 2-1. SEVENTH-Bingham, Lafayette Antioch d. Doupe, 13-4.

145 Pounds

CHAMPIONSHIP-Herrera, Bakersfield d. Martinez, Fresno Clovis West, 3-2. SEMIFINALS-Herrera d. Danz, Shingle Springs Ponderosa, 8-3; Martinez pinned Trujillo, Greenfield, 2:45. THIRD-Danz d. Acosta, North Torrance, 10-3. FIFTH-Fielding, Clovis Buchanan d. Trujillo, 7-0. SEVENTH-Clark, Concord de la Salle d. Torculas, Castroville North Monterey County, 8-6.

152 Pounds

CHAMPIONSHIP-Williams, La Costa Canyon d. Peace, Los Gatos, 5-0. THIRD-Williams d. O'Hara, Redlands East Valley, 5-1; Pease d. Doud, Natomas, 4-0. THIRD-McGeorge, Northview d. Rhees, Atascadero, 4-1. FIFTH-O'Hara d. Doud, 15-3. SEVENTH-Cronan, Turlock d. Thompson, Clovis, 4-2.

160 Pounds

CHAMPIONSHIP-Devault, Temecula Valley d. Merritt, Yucca Valley, 7-6 (overtime). SEMIFINALS-Devault d. Noack, Fresno Clovis West, 7-4; Merritt d. Green, Miller, 5-4. THIRD-Lowden, Elk Grove Laguna Creek d. Bernacchi, Clovis East, 7-6. FIFTH-Green d. Noack, default. SEVENTH-Dubbs, Vacaville d. Barbre, Vista, 14-9.

171 Pounds

CHAMPIONSHIP-Varner, Bakersfield d. Drake, Elk Grove, 6-1. SEMIFINALS-Drake d. Stormo, San Jacinto, 5-3; Varner pinned McGraw, Spring Valley Vista, 1:08. THIRD-Garcia, Tulare d. Nejal, San Diego Scripps Ranch, 5-3. FIFTH-Stormo d. McGraw, 15-5. SEVENTH-Levay, Madera d. Baldwin, Redding Foothill, 10-5.

189 Pounds

CHAMPIONSHIP-Hurst, Modesto Davis pinned May, La Costa Canyon, 4:32. SEMIFINALS-Hurst d. Smith, Orinda Miramonte, 7-3; May d. Basinger, Cottonwood West Valley, 7-0. THIRD-Monteiro, Paso Robles d. Kucukkoseoglu, Ayala, 4-3. FIFTH-Smith pinned Basinger, 1:40. SEVENTH-Schneider, Fresno Clovis West pinned Davis Vista Rancho Buena Vista, 3:00.

215 Pounds

CHAMPIONSHIP-Halsey, Vista Rancho Buena Vista d. Nichols, Poway, 7-2. SEMIFINALS-Halsey d. Nye, Red Bluff, 8-4; Nichols d. Garbrick, Roseville Woodcreek, 12-2. THIRD-Nye d. Garbrick, 3-1. FIFTH-Marquez, Bakersfield pinned Woody, Yuba City, 1:51. SEVENTH-Smith, Danville San Ramon d. Nielsen, Ventura, 6-2.

275 Pounds

CHAMPIONSHIP-Sauer, Grass Valley Nevada Union d. Mack, Santa Barbara San Marcos, 12-5. SEMIFINALS-Mack d. Skaggs, San Diego Rancho Bernardo, 5-4; Sauer pinned Shaw, Blythe Palo Verde, 3:20. THIRD-M. Moore, Valleyo Hogan pinned Skaggs, 2:19. FIFTH-Moore, Apple Valley Granite Hills d. Shaw, default. SEVENTH-Ketelslege, Ayala d. Bell, Modoc, 2-1.

MVP--Nathan Moore, Bakersfield (130).

Friday, March 5

At Centennial Garden, Bakersfield


103-Cisneros (Bakersfield) d. Flores (Northview), 7-6; Archuleta (Sultana) d. Marval (Canyon Springs) 6-5; Juengst (Valhalla) d. Navarrete (Temecula Valley) 3-2; Paulson (Cavlary Chapel) d. Naranjo (Gilroy), 5-3.

112-Moreno (Foothill) d. Schurkamp (Escalon) 6-1; Zoetewey (De La Salle) d. Flores (South Hills) 12-5; Borges (Hughson) d. Saric (Temecula Valley), 16-5; Gurich (Gilroy) d. Hernandez (Santa Ana), 6-5.

119-Masuta (Madera) d. Bank (Dana Hills) 6-4; Ferguson (Del Oro) d. Schultz (Atascadero), 16-8; Exline (Turlock) d. Osuna (Calvary Chapel), 6-1; Dillishaw (Bret Hart) d. Rocha (Righetti), 4-3.

125-Rocha (Lemoore) d. Carlos (San Jose Mitty), 4-3; Juarez (Hanford) d. Murphy (Hughson), 9-6; Lopez (Norte Vista) d. Soto (Porterville), 2-1; Orozco (Vacaville) d. Torres (Exeter), 4-0.

130-Mendenhall (Hughson) d. Drouin (Chaparral), 13-3; Morgan (Bakersfield) d. Aguilar (Mater Dei) 11-6; Williams (Clovis) TF. Petersen (S.D. Poway), 19-4; Fracchia (Vacaville) d. Ronny (James Logan), 7-3.

135-Kirkemo (Riverside King) d. Warsh (Poway), 8-7; Gonzalez (Turlock) p. Brooks (Shasta), :29; Aleksanyan (Calvary Chapel) d. Bowman (Temecula Valley), 6-3; Silvar (Corona Santiago) d. Cox (Oakdale), 15-10.

140-Juaregui (CC) p. Garcia (Manteca), 3:10; Lucatero (San Benito) d. Bingham (Antioch), 5-3; Tirapelle (Clovis) TF. Del Duca (Ayala) 15-0; Swarts (Poway) d. Crane (Fremont), 14-3.

145-Danz (Ponderosa) d. Acosta (North Torrance), 9-8; Herrera (Bakersfield) d. Clark (De La Salle), 10-4; Martinez (Clovis West) TF. Wood (Modoc), Trujillo (Greenfield) p. Aguirre (San Fernando), 1:12.

152-Williams (La Costa Canyon) d. Rhees (Atascadero), 7-1; O' Hara (Redlands East Valley) p. Cronan (Turlock), 5:35; Pease (Los Gatos) d. Reynolds (San Fernando), 5-3; Doud (Natomas) d. McGeorge (Northview), 8-3.

160-Noack (Clovis West) d. Apodaca (Arroyo Grande), 15-3; Devault (Temecula Valley) d. Lowden (Laguna Creek), 13-8; Green (A.B. Miller) d. Bernacchi (Clovis East), 18-3; Brian Merrit (Yucca Valley) d. Dubbs (Vacaville), 5-4.

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