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Activists vow to fight Trump's presidency

Less than a day after Donald Trump won the presidential election, some activist groups are vowing to fight his presidency.

Bend the Arc Jewish Action, a social justice organization, released a statement Wednesday saying it would accept Trump's win as legal but "cannot call the idea of Donald Trump as president acceptable."

The group said it was prepared to protest against his decisions as president after a "campaign of hate."

"It is possible that actions of this administration will demand a response involving widespread use of peaceful direct action. The future is uncertain, the stakes are high, and we must be willing to be courageous because the consequences of our decisions will be great," Bend the Arc Jewish Action CEO Stosh Cotle said in a statement.

The organization was among dozens of progressive faith groups that had come out against many of Trump's campaign promises, including his proposed restrictions on Muslims immigrating to the U.S. and suggestion that he may encourage surveillance of mosques.

Leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement, which Trump has accused of calling for the death of police officers, and which he has said he would consider having investigated by the Department of Justice, said they were organizing on Wednesday for a long-term fight against Trump policies.

"Funders, and those in relationship to funders, encourage a meeting of the minds. A multi-year investment into the thought leadership of people of color and our committed allies. Please. Now," Shanelle Matthews, the director of communications at the Black Lives Matter network, said in a Facebook post.

Color of Change political action committee, a racial justice organization, said it was emboldened by Trump's win to amp up its efforts.

"Will not allow Trump and his dangerous political coalition to slow, much less stop, the fierce efforts of black communities to make our country more just and fair," spokesman Rashad Robinson said in a statement.

Thousands of social media users were tweeting and posting to Facebook on Wednesday with the hashtag #NotMyPresident. Many of those posts were anti-Trump. But some celebrated his win by sharing images of Hillary Clinton with the same hashtag.

"See you in court," the American Civil Liberties Union tweeted and boldly declared against a large image of Trump's face on its website.

With more than two months before the presidential inauguration, there was already a link spreading via social media to a petition on the White House website to impeach Trump.

As of 1:30 p.m., it had around 15,000 signatures.

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