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Rep. Darrell Issa complained to city officials about protesters outside his office, records show

Protesters outside Issa's office (Courtesy of Darrell Issa)
Protesters outside Issa's office (Courtesy of Darrell Issa)

Protesters have been showing up at GOP Rep. Darrell Issa's Vista office weekly in the months since President Trump took office. Though Issa has come out to greet them a few times, he's also made some phone calls and sent a letter to the city to complain about the protesters, records uncovered by the San Diego Union-Tribune and CBS 8 show.

The congressman and his staff have said that they respect the group’s right to assemble but that the gatherings have impeded work of other businesses in the building — some of which also complained about the protests. They also were concerned about noise. In one voicemail Issa left with the city, he complained that protesters were "sitting on sidewalks and they're clearly violating their permit."

"Let me be clear: this isn’t about me or my office," he wrote in a follow-up June 21 letter to the city of Vista. "I can handle a little heat from some protesters."

Issa, one of California's most vulnerable Republicans, sent the letter after the city had reportedly declined to take action because it said protesters weren't violating the terms of their permit.

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