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Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions says Virginia attack meets legal definition of 'domestic terrorism'

Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions told ABC's “Good Morning America” today that the death of a woman in Charlottesville, Va., “does meet the definition of domestic terrorism in our statute.” 

Sessions said the Justice Department is pursuing the case “in every way.” 

“You can be sure we will charge and advance the investigation towards the most serious charges that can be brought, because this is an unequivocally unacceptable and evil attack that cannot be accepted in America,” Sessions said. 

In a separate interview with NBC's "Today," Sessions said that Trump had "explicitly condemned" violence and that "he totally opposes" the values espoused by white supremacy organizations such as those that launched the protest. Trump had initially referenced violence "on many sides."

An excerpt of the interview was aired Monday.

Sessions said he expects Trump to say more, saying, "I think you'll hear that again today." He noted that the White House had expressly condemned white supremacy-driven violence in a statement Sunday.

Sessions told the network, "I think he will do what is correct. ... Facts have come out in the interim."

Sessions and FBI officials are scheduled to meet with Trump today.


7:28 a.m.: This post has been updated with Sessions' comments to ABC.

This post originally published at 4:50 a.m.

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