Equanimeous St. Brown making a name for himself at Anaheim Servite

Servite senior has name to remember

St. Brown has stamped himself as one of the best receivers in California / The combo of St. Brown and quarterback Travis Waller should give Servite a formidable passing duo this fall

The first test for any football coach at Anaheim Servite High is to pronounce and spell correctly the first name of the team's standout receiver.


"Equanimeous, Equanimeous, Equanimeous, Equanimeous," Coach A.J. Gass said without hesitation. "It's a lot to yell across the football field."

Gass should be happy he doesn't have to yell the full name: Equanimeous Tristan Imhotep J. St. Brown.

Blame it all on John Brown, the father.

"My dad believes in names and numbers," St. Brown said. "He wanted to give me the most unique name possible so people would recognize me."

His two younger brothers are Osiris, a sophomore receiver, and Amon-Ra, a freshman running back. The siblings all go by the last name of St. Brown instead of Brown.

John Brown is a former Mr. Universe and Mr. World bodybuilder. His wife, Miriam, is from Germany. She speaks only German to her boys. Equanimeous speaks German and French. The boys have spent numerous summers traveling with their mother around Europe and they resided in Paris for a year.

To say they think and act differently would be an understatement. The boys have A's on their report cards. They learned early on not to disappoint their mother in the classroom.

"She's a grinder," Brown said.

He remembers the boys whining, "Papa, Mama is making us study too much."

Getting a B or C could result in losing phone privileges, taking away the Xbox or suffering a TV blackout.

Brown, a certified private trainer, handles the athletic training, and has a way of whistling that gets his boys' attention whether he is watching from the sideline or the stands.

St. Brown, at 6 feet 5 and 200 pounds, with size 14 shoes, huge hands and tremendous acceleration, has stamped himself as one of the best high school receivers in California.

"He has a knack for putting his body in great position," Gass said. "Any time the ball is in his general area, he's got the ability to go up and get it. He's a physical presence on the field."

The combination of St. Brown and quarterback Travis Waller should give Servite a formidable passing duo this fall.


As for recruiting, the colleges would be wise to learn how to say Equanimeous properly, because that's the name he prefers even though some teammates call him Mimi, Gass calls him Q and one college recruiter calls him Aqua Man.

St. Brown, a 17-year-old senior, can't wait to be able to play on the same team with his brothers.

"It's a first-time thing for me," he said. "It's very exciting and I hope we get on the field at the same time at one point."

Imagine how many times the father might be whistling during a game if all three boys are on the field.

"That's the one thing I haven't learned," St. Brown said of his father's whistling. "I'm trying."