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Letters: Maybe the fans know best about the Dodgers

Is there a Los Angeles Times front page curse like the Sports Illustrated cover? If so, the Dodgers are doomed!

Wayne Muramatsu



Dodgers Optimism:

C you in October = Cody Bellinger, Corey Seager, Chris Taylor, Clayton Kershaw and Chase Utley. For the 2017 Dodgers, five “C”s equals A ++.

Steve Abrams

Lake Balboa


While the current Dodgers team may end up with the best record in the regular season, I still have to go with the 1963 Dodgers as the best team and I would take them over the 1927 Yankees in a World Series. The main reason is that Sandy Koufax would start three games if necessary, Don Drysdale would start two and Johnny Podres two.

Remember, the 1963 Dodgers swept the two-time defending Yankees.

Gary Cocayne

Santa Monica


To all rabid Dodgers fans out there sizing their finger for that commemorative ring and figuring out the best spot to watch the victory parade, just remember: The Iast team to win at least 110 games lost in the first round of the playoffs.

But don’t worry, the Dodgers will find a way to lose, just like they did in that one-game playoff against the Giants in 1962 or their sweep by the Orioles four years later or their defeat by you know who in 1977-78 or their most recent four-year streak of not reaching The Big Dance after winning the division.

Lonzo Ball will lead the Lakers to the NBA title and be named Finals MVP before the Dodgers bring home the bacon.

Bill Bell

Mar Vista


Regarding this Dodgers team as their best of all time, Yogi Berra may have said it best: “You have to be careful about making predictions, especially about the future.”

Bob Ginn



In August 1951 as a devoted Brooklyn Dodger fan, I exuded confidence that their 13 1/2-game lead at this time in the season was a lock for the pennant and probably the World Series as well. However, they managed to lose that lead and wound up tied with the Giants at the end of the season and faced a three-game playoff. Eventually Ralph Branca faced Bobby Thomson. Let’s hope 2017 turns out much better for the Dodgers.

Sol Taylor

Studio City


To all Dodgers fans:

We have all been part of the greatest season the Dodgers have ever had.

We are all hoping for a World Series championship.

If for some reason it doesn’t happen, life will go on.

Never forget this season. It will be in your memory forever.

Mark Berglas

Huntington Beach


What pray tell did Dylan Hernandez [“Dominant start has World Series ring to it,” Aug. 5] mean with the description “passionate but simple-minded fans”? And his statement that “even” such dummy fans could comprehend it was a good idea to acquire Yu Darvish? These references read as an insult to Dodger fans who are indeed passionate, but hardly simple-minded. Perhaps Dylan, compared to them, thinks he is a rocket scientist, which we could debate, but I do not believe Dodgers fans, even the ones who call talk radio, are “simple-minded.” We tend to get even the highly complex concepts that a genius like Dylan throws at us most of the time.

Michael Goldman

Van Nuys


Dodgers manager Dave Roberts pulls dominant right-hander Brandon Morrow, replacing him with left-hander Tony Watson. The next hitter, Jake Lamb, hits a grand slam. Oops. Sometimes these things happen, but not what happens after the game when Roberts doubles down, offering, “As good as Jake is, I’ll take Tony against him any day.”

Well, as good as Seager, Turner, Bellinger and the rest of the players are, with wisdom like that, the Cubs’ and Nationals’ best chance may be Roberts’ decision-making.

Konrad Moore

San Diego


Great feature on the “Rally Granny.”

Because Betty True is such a great marketing tool for the L.A. Dodgers, let’s hope they do right by her and supplement her Social Security income with proper financial remuneration.

She is an inspiration and no PR spinner could have come up with a better person to augment their fan base nor give the organization a better image.

Joan Kerr



Bill Plaschke has finally found his soul mate: Rally Granny.

John Mark

Newport Beach


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Vin Scully could be cajoled into sitting with Joe Davis and Orel Hershisher for the six Dodgers games to be shown on Channel 5?

Jim Joecken


Down on the dump

An article on the Angels after a loss to Baltimore mentions the team dousing Mike Trout on his birthday with a concoction of stuff before the game. Maybe all the players should have had the same treatment or saved their energy because Trout is the only one on the team who had a good game.

Also, how about the Angels saving those Gatorade dumps after a win until they clinch the pennant or at least the division or at least a wild-card spot? Yeah, right.

Dan Gardner

Lake Forest

Hoop schemes

The only thing that puzzles me regarding the Clippers’ removal of Doc Rivers as president of basketball operations is that it took Steve Ballmer this long to act. The two responsibilities are greater than one man can handle. Now we can see if Doc Rivers is as good of a coach as the Los Angeles media has suggested.

Jim Olsen

Huntington Beach

Too rich

The deal for Neymar by Paris Saint-Germain, paying almost half a billion dollars, is the worst thing that could happen for soccer as well as all other professional sports. PSG is literally owned by a oil-rich country, who are willing to shell out as much as it takes to win, without a thought. Where does that leave other teams, who are trying to be competitive?

I hope PSG’s gamble fails, so that teams are built from the bottom up, by players coming out of college or academies or spotted by scouts, like in the good old days.

Soumitra Sarkar

Long Beach

Standing up

If Colin Kaepernick was capable of throwing strikes again and putting W’s on the board, he would be entertaining multiple offers and there would be no discussion of his politics taking place. Zero.

Pete Howard

San Luis Obispo

Quiet down, guys

It is about time that somebody purchased a pair of heavy wool socks and stuffed one each in the respective pie holes of LaVar Ball and Stephen A. Smith. These two motormouths have taken the spewing of senseless blather to new heights.

Bud Chapman


What’s Bruin

If Chosen Rosen thinks that UCLA doesn't prioritize the academics of its student-atheletes, why doesn't he spend a week as a regular student in Westwood? He can compete with tens of thousands of other students for classes and apply for loans, grants, and also work a full-time job just to pay for things like groceries, textbooks, and rent. Let's see if Mr. Rosen changes his tune when he lives and works like 99% of college students in the US.

Rob Demonteverde



I totally agree with Jim Mora that UCLA has balanced academics and athletic programs. Both average.

Fight On!

Lamont Paul

Huntington Beach


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