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Glen Davis energizes Clippers with sandwich talk against Nuggets

Glen "Big Baby" Davis is a character.

Every time he was subbed into Monday's game against the Denver Nuggets, he infused Staples Center with  energy, raising his hands, making faces and running after the ball.

He finished with eight points and five rebounds in 10 minutes, 20 seconds in the Clippers' 102-98 win, but his teammates say his contribution goes way beyond the stat line.

"His energy can lift up the whole building," Jamal Crawford said.

Davis had two rebounds at the top of the fourth quarter that put the Clippers' bench and the crowd on their feet. Apparently when he went back to the bench, he continued to keep his teammates on their toes.

"There are some games where his energy is so high like that, that sometimes I don't know what he's talking about," Blake Griffin said. "But it doesn't matter, it's the spirit."

When a reporter asked Griffin what Davis said, Griffin laughed.

"He came over the bench and started talking about a sausage pepper sandwich or something like that,"...

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Martin Brodeur reportedly will retire, become Blues assistant GM

Martin Brodeur is finally calling it quits.

Brodeur, one of the greatest goalies in NHL history and a three-time Stanley Cup winner, will retire and join the St. Louis Blues' front office as an assistant general manager, according to multiple reports.

Brodeur is expected to formally announce his decision during a news conference the Blues have scheduled for Thursday.

“It's kind of sad to see a guy like him hang `em up,” Blues goalie Brian Elliott said. “I'm sure it's a tough decision, but I was grateful to be on the same team with him if only for a little bit.”

Brodeur was granted a leave of absence from the Blues earlier this month after he struggled in seven appearances with the team. Brodeur, 42, was attempting to relaunch his career in St. Louis after the New Jersey Devils, with whom he had spent 21 seasons, chose not to re-sign him last summer. He posted a 3-3 record and a .899 save percentage with the Blues after signing with the team in December.

Brodeur is a lock for the Hockey...

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Robert Allenby talks about bizarre night in Honolulu

Almost two weeks after a bizarre night in Honolulu that left him battered and robbed, pro golfer Robert Allenby faced reporters at the Phoenix Open on Tuesday to address contradictory reports about the incident.

"From 11:06 to 1:27 in the morning is a complete blank," he said, adding: "I can't tell you how frustrating that is."

This much seems certain: On Jan. 16, Allenby went to a Honolulu wine bar with his caddie and a friend. The group became separated and Allenby walked out with several men he had never met.

He subsequently told police that he had been mugged, thrown into the trunk of a car and dropped off miles away at a park. At least part of that account, he said, was gleaned from a homeless woman who found him hurt and dazed. A passerby put him into a taxi back to his hotel, he said.

However, several people who claim to have seen him that evening say he was only about a block from the wine bar and that his facial injuries were a result of falling down. One account has him...

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Bill Nye tries to debunk Bill Belichick's 'deflategate' explanation

As the NFL continues its investigation into whether the New England Patriots purposefully used underinflated balls in the AFC Championship game, a science battle of the Bills appears to be brewing.

Patriots Coach Bill Belichick claimed Saturday that an internal simulation conducted by the team showed that climatic conditions were the primary culprit behind the balls being underinflated.

“We found that once footballs were on the field, adjusted to climatic conditions … they were down approximately 1.5 [pounds per square inch],” Belichick said.

Bill Nye "The Science Guy" disagreed, saying during a Sunday appearance on "Good Morning America" that Belichick's explanation "didn't make any sense."

Nye strengthened his stance Tuesday, performing an experiment on a video posted to which aimed to debunk the Patriots' finding that footballs going from a warm to a cold climate could see a significant drop in air pressure.

According to Nye, who is cheering for the Seattle Seahawks...

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Tiger Woods talks about his missing tooth

The final word on the Tiger Woods tooth mystery?

"Yeah," Woods said, "that didn't feel very good."

Speaking to reporters at the Phoenix Open on Tuesday, the former No. 1 golfer answered questions about losing a tooth at girlfriend Lindsey Vonn's ski race and the subsequent buzz about that gap in his smile.

"It’s the new world, I guess," he said. "We need to talk about something."

The whole thing began earlier this month when Woods traveled to Italy to see Vonn set the record for career World Cup victories. At one point, photographs showed him with a front tooth missing.

His agent blamed a cameraman, saying that Woods got struck in the mouth as the media jostled for position at the awards ceremony. But a race official later cast doubt on that account.

On Tuesday, Woods said the cameraman was kneeling in front of him and stood up suddenly, the collision chipping one tooth and cracking another. He said that he'd previously had a root canal on the tooth that was badly damaged.

After flying...

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Kings center Mike Richards clears waivers, will be sent to minors

Kings center Mike Richards cleared waivers on Tuesday, as expected, and he will report to the team's minor-league affiliate in Manchester, N.H., on Wednesday, Kings General Manager Dean Lombardi said.

Any NHL team could have claimed Richards in a 24-hour window -- which closed at 9 a.m. -- but the twin items of the length and term of his contract were significant obstacles. The 12-year, $69-million Richards contract, by the way, was negotiated when he was still in Philadelphia. When the Kings acquired him from the Flyers in 2011 in the trade that sent Wayne Simmonds and Brayden Schenn to Philadelphia, they also acquired the deal.

The Kings face five more years of a $5.75-million cap hit after this season. If the team were to buy out Richards this summer, he would receives two-thirds of the dollar value of the contract to be paid out over twice its remaining life.

They considered using a compliance buyout on Richards following the Kings' Stanley Cup victory in 2014, but Lombardi, well...

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