Former Olympic gold medal boxer retires at 43 with brain injuries

British boxer Audley Harrison, a 2000 Olympic champion, announces his retirement because of brain injuries

The boxer who won the super-heavyweight gold medal at the 2000 Sydney Olympics has retired from the sport, citing concern over brain injuries.

"After years of denial and sticking to my guns, I'm finally getting out of my own way," Audley Harrison of Britain said in a statement on his website. "As tough as it is to say this ... it's time to stop."

The 43-year-old former European heavyweight champion said he has suffered from problems with vision, balance and mood swings. He said tests have shown evidence of traumatic brain injury.

Now living in California, Harrison finishes his pro career with a 31-7 record.

"Never Give Up is my mantra to keep me motivated as I fight on to reverse the impact of [traumatic brain injury] and my numerous injuries that has me descending a little to rapidly into old age," he wrote.

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