Ten years later, Manny Ramirez apologizes to Jack McCormick

Manny Ramirez apologizes 10 years after shoving traveling secretary to the ground

When Manny Ramirez was with the Boston Red Sox in 2004, he once went up to the team's traveling secretary, Jack McCormick, and asked for 16 tickets to a game. McCormick told him it was too late to fulfill such a request, angering Ramirez, who yelled at McCormick and shoved him to the ground. Ramirez was 31, McCormick 64.

Ten years later, during a reunion of the 2004 World Series champion Red Sox, Ramirez attempted to make amends.

“I went and spoke to Jack,” Ramirez told ESPNBoston on Wednesday. “I apologized to Jack. I told him, ‘Jack, I want you to forgive me because it was my fault. I behaved bad here with everybody. I want you to forgive me.’ ”

McCormick accepted his apology, according to Ramirez.

Ramirez went on to say he has changed his life since his 2011 arrest for allegedly hitting his wife.

"When I went to jail with that problem with my wife, they didn’t let me see my kids for two or three months, and one day I woke up and looked at myself in the mirror and I said I needed a change. I started going to Bible studies, I saw it was good. God helped me to change my life."

And judging by the reaction in Boston, where Ramirez received one of the biggest ovations as players from the 2004 team were introduced, people everywhere are ready to forgive Manny for being Manny.

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