L.A. Times Launches New Outdoors Newsletter, ‘The Wild’

The Wild

Today the Los Angeles Times launched The Wild, a weekly newsletter designed to help readers explore the great outdoors and offer insider tips to navigate Southern California’s best beaches, trails, parks, deserts, forests and mountains.

Penned by Assistant Travel Editor Mary Forgione, each edition will include: three things to do outside this week, what animals are up to, the coolest gear to get, the best places to go and new ways to experience nature.

At a time when most people are cooped up at home due to the novel coronavirus, the newsletter will provide readers with advice on how they can do what they love in the outdoors — from running to hiking to cycling to kayaking — while staying safe.

“Right now, I think readers are looking to us for things they can do close to home or maybe a little farther afield,” Forgione said. “And that’s what The Wild is all about: Bringing you closer to nature and the outdoors.”

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