New L.A. Times Marketing Video Lets Readers Know, ‘We’re in This Together’

When we’re all 6 feet apart, the L.A. Times is our connection. Right now, our journalists’ work is more important than ever. Stay connected at


On April 3, the Los Angeles Times released a new 90-second marketing video, “Information Keeps Us Together.”

The video emphasizes the importance of The Times journalists’ work during the coronavirus pandemic. “COVID-19 is moving fast. So are our journalists,” begins the narration of the video.

More than a dozen Times reporters and photographers from several different bureaus contributed to the video, sharing how they’re working to give readers vital information about the pandemic while trying to stay safe.


Some are wearing face masks in the field, while others are shown reporting from their cars or in their homes. National Correspondent Jaweed Kaleem says “we’re the eyes and the ears on the ground. We’re trying to be safe but also get important information to our readers.”

Several of the featured journalists provide reassurance to readers. “In a society where you have to stand six feet apart, the L.A. Times is our connection; it’s become our community,” says Sports Columnist Bill Plaschke.

“This is a scary and uncertain moment, so while everyone I think feels very isolated, actually we’re all in this together,” adds Film Reporter Mark Olsen.

The video is part of the “The State of What’s Next” campaign.