The Postscript Delves into Times’ Investigation of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association

illustration of Golden Globes statues against a backdrop of money
The Times investigation found that the non-profit HFPA regularly issues substantial payments to its own members
(photo illustration by Nicole Vas / Los Angeles Times; photos by Al Seib / Los Angeles Times, Mark Wilson / Getty Images)

Los Angeles Times reporters Stacy Perman and Josh Rottenberg recently sat down with Tom Jacobs at The Postscript to discuss their February exposé and follow-up reporting on the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. (HFPA), the 87-member group of international journalists that dole out the annual Golden Globe Awards.

Highlighted as “Stories That Matter,” the Q&A delves into the six-month investigation that unearthed evidence of corruption and racism within one of Hollywood’s premiere award ceremonies. Perman and Rottenberg shared how the investigation came to be, the biggest challenges they faced in their reporting, what surprised them and more.

“There were two aspects to the story that surprised us when they caught fire: The news about the HFPA having no Black members, and the ‘Emily in Paris’ junket. Both got a lot of attention, and they pulled the rest of the story into the conversation,” explained Perman.


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