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Q: How do I leave a comment?
A: You must first register. If you are already registered, log into the Los Angeles Times website by clicking “log in” in the upper-right corner. Then, at the bottom of an article selected for commenting, type and post your comment.

Q: Why is there no comments field on the story I am looking at?
A: We will not allow comments on all articles. We will select a few articles each day to have community discussions about. We are doing this because we want to have robust conversations that include our editorial staff. We are experimenting with the number of articles we allow commenting on and the length of time we keep that conversation open. Please send your feedback to the Reader Representative.

Q: How do I report abuse?
A: Below each comment is a report button. Click that button to flag the comment and to let us know why you are reporting it.

Q: How do I ignore a commenter?
A: Click or tap on a user’s name in the comments. Click or tap “Ignore User.” Click or tap “Ignore User” again.
To un-ignore:
Click on “My Profile” at the top of the comments, go to “Settings,” scroll down to ‘Ignored Users,’ Click the x next to the name you want to un-ignore.

Q: How do I praise a comment?
A: Below each comment is a respect button. if you think someone left a helpful or interesting comment, click “respect.” We are purposefully using respect instead of like because we can all respect a good point, even if we don’t like it.

Q: Why is my comment not appearing on the site?
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Q: Can I edit my comment?
A: Yes, you can. There is an edit button that allows you to edit your comments for typos in the first few moments after the post. You must be quick, however, because the editing capabilities are disabled about a minute after submitting your post.

Q: What if I make a comment and want to delete it, and it is past the allowable editing period?
A: First of all, try not to comment in anger. And tread carefully with humor, because words don’t come across the same way in writing as they do in person. That being said, you can contact the reader representative. Make sure to include a link to the comment and the reason you want the comment deleted.

Q: Can I send a link to my comment?
A: Yes, you can. Click on the “share” link below your comment, and you will get a URL that you can share with another.

Q: How do I know if a comment came from someone working for the L.A. Times?
A: All L.A. Times staff members’ names will have the same “staff badge” displayed next to their name.

Q: Why are there featured comments?
A: Those are comments chosen by our editorial staff that we feel should be prominently displayed. We’ll feature comments that we think are insightful, offer an expert’s perspective or shine a light on something we missed in the article.

Q: How do I know if someone replies to my comment?
A: Go to the “My Profile” tab to see your own comment history, as well as reactions and replies to your comments. If you would like to be notified when someone has replied to one of your comments, you can opt in for notifications.