Torrance Star Named to 4-A Soccer Team

Sophomore Shannon Maddock of Torrance High has been named girls' 4-A soccer offensive player of the year, with three teammates--two of them sophomores--joining her on the All-Southern California 4-A first team.

The other Torrance selections are senior Nanci Smith and sophomores Julie Jamile and Holly Johansen.

Also on the first team are Gayle Provost of West Torrance, Kit Schwartzman of Bishop Montgomery and Ann Vasey of Palos Verdes. Provost and Vasey are seniors, Schwartzman is a junior.

Four more South Bay players were named to the second team: Sheila Brown of Redondo, Heidi Dinkel of North Torrance, Dianne Manore of South and Shelly Marsden of West. Brown and Marsden are seniors, the other two are juniors.

Sophomore Heather Hitchin of Chadwick made the 1-A second team.

Boys' Team Selections

Seven South Bay boys are on the All-Southern California 4-A team: Brian Bettwy of Bishop Montgomery, Chuck Codd of South, John Crump of Rolling Hills, Brian Evanski of Hawthorne, Dom Militello of Palos Verdes, Doug Pfaff of Bishop Montgomery and Bruce Weisenberg of Rolling Hills. Weisenberg is a junior, all the others are seniors.

Dean Freeman of Simi Valley was named 4-A offensive player of the year. Carlos Pena of Culver City is the top defensive player.

Chris Roosen of Torrance, Chuck Swanson of Palos Verdes and Geoff Yantz made the second team. Dave Clark of Redondo, Joe Manzella of Rolling Hills and John Siskowic of Bishop Montgomery are on the third team. All are seniors except Siskowic, a junior.

Senior John Stronks of St. Bernard made the 2-A second team.

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